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First off, I thought you would like to see my card designs!  I only started with 3, and I am working on many more, as well as prints. I love that these 5 x 7 matte finish cards can also be framed.

My favorite part about designing these cards, is that they are truly MINE! They are the result of many morning walks through the garden….camera slung around my neck, taking in the sun or fog or rain….and they are truly from my heart!

I have never purposely set out to photograph for cards or prints. I just photograph what I love and then choose something that fits. A bit backwards, maybe, but that's how this brain of mine works.

A perfect example is this hobnail milk glass vase with a rose. My friend dropped a pair off for me, my first (ever) roses were blooming….so I took them on a field trip around the property.

The color was so vivid, it was quite hard to get a crisp image...

…so I tried many different backdrops...

…and came back in with a few photos that I truly love.

It wasn't until Nancy Wallace from @wallacegardens suggested a card series from them, that it even clicked! So sometimes what might seem a pre-planned event to you, is actually just a creative gardener at play!

Several of you have inquired about where they will be for sale. I am still working on that….here or Instagram or Etsy. Or maybe all three! And of course, local delivery too :)

So this girl is headed back to school….but believe me, I am full steam ahead chasing my dream!

"You may tire of reality….but you never tire of dreams."
-L.M. Montogomery-


  1. Beautiful cards. You are so talented.

  2. Love the cards, are you going to sell them on Etsy?

    1. I think I will, also will be selling on Instagram so that I can just direct invoice people. Thanks!

  3. Such lovely photos you have taken, which make beautiful cards.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this little series! Thanks for the mention too. Good luck!

  5. These are beautiful! You have a beautiful flare for photography, I really enjoy all your photos. I wish you all the best as you launch your new line!

    I have been making my own cards from my photos for the last 10 years and have often toyed with trying to sell them because I get so many compliments on them & I enjoy it.

    Wouldn't it be nice to retire early (she says after being back to work for 4 days!) LOL


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