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Probably 14 years ago or so, when our son was just toddling
 around, we planted Asiatic lilies alone the stonewall. They
 have come back each year…sometimes a bit
 deer ravaged, sometimes trying to burst forth
 in early spring when a layer of winter compost lays firm 
upon them (read this as the leaves we never raked in fall:)

But this year they are extra special. Hues of muted pinks and yellows, (the oranges long ago disappeared), glow in the  summer sun as it rises up above our neighbor's roof. I try to capture the beauty, the perfect pleat in the middle of each petal, the starburst of stamens awaiting a bee or two.

Perhaps the long winter has allowed me to appreciate 
them more? Bask in their beauty a moment longer?

It is melancholy photographing in early morning when the boy who toddled nearby, interested in the auger we drilled into the ground to make homes for these lily bulbs, is dreaming in his room up above my head, feet touching the end of the bed, teenage body needing sleep….and more sleep….

I do not mourn what was…for that is always with us…not just in photographs, but tucked neatly into a mom and dad's memory. Instead, I revel in what we have in the here and now. What perplexes me, the thing that makes me over-think, is the passing of time.

Too fast the years pass, blending into a menagerie of events and memories, of joys and sorrows, of what if's and what will be….

And even that little green bucket swing hanging from the maple tree near the stonewall has become a reminder of how rapidly our time here on Earth passes. I will grasp each moment this summer and live life to its fullest; for time will NOT be my enemy.


  1. you've penned my heart. hugs(())

  2. Beautiful post!!! :)

    I'm constantly stopping to think about time and how quickly it is getting away. I know that I should be glad, for each passing day brings me closer to glory, but in my humanity, I'm grasping at things I was never meant to hang onto so tightly.

    Enjoy these years, they're extra sweet!!!

    ps. The flowers are gorgeous and I especially like the last pictures with the shadows sprawling out across the lawn.

  3. Your photographs are always gorgeous.

    I have one lily like yours and I love watching for blooms.

    My cana lilies are all beginning to bloom. We will be on vacation next week and I am afraid I will miss the burst of color well 25+ cana lilies are blooming.

  4. Gardening teaches us all to be patient, but it is amazing how fast plants fast summer turns to autumn.....and how fast children become adult. Savor these sweet days, my friend. Thanks for sharing more from Prince Snow Farm - your friend in DC, L

    PS - Yes, we're back in swampy DC for a couple weeks!

  5. What a beautiful post, it's kind of melancholy when you think about how quickly time has passed - especially when you think of someone young who is on their way to adulthood or is now a young adult.

    My husband and I were just talking about this last week, when we got married nieces were 2, 3, & 5 years old now they're graduated from college with masters degrees and off yo medical school.

    Your lilies a beautiful, as are your photographs. And I wouldn't take that swing down out of that tree! Not that I want to rush things, but I'm sure the grandchildren will enjoy it one day! ;)

  6. How beautiful and touching. Such a gift to live each day to the full.

  7. A sweet reminder to live in the moment on these long summer days.

  8. Monica, you said you were going to participate in the European link has begun! Please tell me if you are still going to join because people are starting to visit the list and I fear that if they come an don't see a related post, they may not return. Please tell me if you are still in! Anita

    1. Oh my goodness anita I had next friday in my brain! If you think I can still write something i will . i am so sorry!

    2. Hi Monica, yes, do if you can! If not, please come to my post and let me know and I'll take your name off the list as not to divert the readers of the link party, but I'd love it if you could put something together! Anita

  9. What a lovely post. Gardening takes patience....As you noticed, time does slip away before our very eyes. Enjoy your beautiful flowers.

  10. Oh wow...this post brings tears to my eyes. Moni, I think you must live inside my mind. Yes, I know you do. xo Jen


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