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 I was SO sad as spring swept in and revealed that our snow-filled winter had just been
too much for our lavender to handle.  Some of our "grand dames" were 5 feet across, 15 years old, and particularly woody, yet gave the most glorious wash of lavender across the back of our property. One plant yielded me overflowing baskets to dry and strip. One plant gave me hundreds of stems. 

So indeed, I was sad as time progressed, and I could see the damage. ALL of the babies from last year are lost. Ten plants gone. Our older plants are pretty much patchy bits of lavender and bare woody stems. It truly was heartbreaking.

But then something wonderful happened. An early variety or 2 started to flower. And suddenly I was filled with emotion! Sure, our lavender patch looks sad and needs to be replanted, but the few little areas that are left are simply brimming with LIFE! 

My sadness has turned to PURE JOY!

Joy for what's left, for the fight they have fought. Joy for this food for my senses!

Joy that fills a mother's heart as she looks at these surrogate babies and knows that they need her.

Now I look at my lavender, not as a loss, but as a change, an evolution. 
A sign.
A lesson.

Choose Joy!


  1. Hi Dear,
    you're doing right with this thoughts!! Your lavender is so absolutely beautiful and I can smell it - hmmm!!!
    All my best from Austria

  2. I don't have the number of plants that you do, but I lost mine to the harsh winter. I think that I will look for a plant that is a little hardier. We are in zone 5,
    Your lavender is so beautiful. Love the color green in the ribbon with it.

  3. That is heartbreaking, I think they knew how sad you were and somehow mustered up the strength to flower for you!

    This winter was so cold. I've read that gardeners everywhere in New England suffered devastating losses.

    Lavender = Joy!

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. I'm so glad a few survived. I'm working at over-hauling the flower-garden too. It was a brutal winter and I appreciate this post to remember it is not loss, but change...a metaphor for life!

  5. How amazing, and beautiful!

  6. Monica, I had the same emotion this morning as I went out to weed and trim. My gorgeous boxwoods that typically survive our harsh Minnesota weather have been struggling. This past winter was our worst once yet, with -50 temps being the norm. My plants did survive, but they are not as vibrant and I had to prune them really hard this summer, but it left them a bit brown. YOUR LAVENDER is lush and these changing climate phenomena are what we'll have to get use to...I just hope our plants do the same! Happy day, Anita

  7. Lavender!!! So pretty!!! I love this post. I too baby my lavender plants and this year they haven't been too happy but I'm still enjoying the pretty blooms!

  8. Your lavender is lovely.

    I was counting on buying some of your lavender this year and am so disappointed that your plants did not do well. But, you have some lovely bits to enjoy and I found a sweet bouquet at Trader Joe's.

  9. Oh, it happens. One year I lost all my large hydrangeas to a bad winter, one reason I can not abide cold winters.

  10. Sometimes the harsh cold winters are sent for a reason. Maybe your old woody Lavender plants had given all they could and it was time for replanting. But nice to see you have still been able to harvest some blooms.

  11. There is a lot to be said for choosing joy! I feel joy looking at the beautiful pictures you are always posting!

  12. Oh, they are our babies alright! My husband always says that about me! I too lost lavender, but not really from our harsh winter (even down here) but all the rain at the end of last summer. They were SO sad looking that I pulled them out in October and am starting again. Anyway, I really don't think they do well after about 7-8 years: very surprised you had some that were 15 years. You must do something right!
    Your images are lovely, as usual!

  13. Well done, well said :)
    Big hugs to you!

  14. Such a beautiful way to look at loss. Truly heartbreaking. And yet, so much inspiration to come! xo Jen


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