Prince Snow Farm


One Day.

All it took was one day.

One day of not waking up at 5:12 ( I'm a rebel and sleep 'til 6:15).

One day of puttering in the house and garden….

All it took was a salty summer breeze off the ocean traveling
a couple miles down the road and into our windows.
It cleared the cobwebs from this teacher's brain and brought with it
promises of mornings at the beach, dripping ice cream cones, and freedom.

I am so privileged to have this time….time to finish what I have 
started….a dining room remodel….a rose garden….a book or two….

I hope you will join me as I get back 
into a blogging schedule….I will share my summer with you, my loyal readers.

We have soooo many bunnies this year!

Wild raspberries.

First day of summer.

And, you can also follow my Instagram shop @prince_snow_farm_stand

I am selling mostly vintage goods, and will
also announce when our real life farm stand opens for business!
(photos below from Instagram)


  1. Happy first day of summer, my friend. It is a bit rainy here in DC, but we need it after several 90 degree days. Good luck with your online shop!! Cheers, L

  2. Enjoy your time! I'll be glad to follow you this summer and after that too. :)

  3. Beautiful photos of gorgeous flowers . . . enjoy each day of vacation!

  4. I'm glad you get to be retired.. for the summer. We just did a river trip on a sternwheeler.. pix on blog. Come and visit! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You captured the essence of a perfect first summer day! You and every other teacher deserves some much-needed R&R! Enjoy!

  6. YaY for summer! I hope your summer is wonderfully relaxing and restorative!

  7. From one teacher to another....I HEAR YA! I am relishing every day of this splendid summer because in my 12 years of teaching in this district, this is the first year we are starting on August 25 instead of after Labor Day! So each day Monica, is a gift and you know what? I feel like 10 years old, with the wonder in my mind and heart about each creature I see, each waft of fresh air I breathe. Enjoy and do come to visit when you can. LOVE that you too have lots of bunnies! We have a new baby in our garden who I've named, ETOILE. She has a little white spot on her forehead like a horse has a "star" on his forehead! I love naming the animals...

  8. Happy summertime Monica! It's such a special time… I do follow you on Instagram and love the images you're posting. And thank you for fixing my feed over on the blogroll!
    See you around!

  9. Isn't summer wonderful for clearing your mind! School ended on Wednesday for us and I went back on Thursday to teach a class to our teachers from 9-12, then we were off to OOB, Maine for the next 5 days!!!

  10. Awesome...a farm stand! Fantastic! Gorgeous photos!!! xoxo Jen

  11. I love your collections, especially the flowers. Summer is the time to blog at your own speed. Enjoy!


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