Prince Snow Farm


One Day.

All it took was one day.

One day of not waking up at 5:12 ( I'm a rebel and sleep 'til 6:15).

One day of puttering in the house and garden….

All it took was a salty summer breeze off the ocean traveling
a couple miles down the road and into our windows.
It cleared the cobwebs from this teacher's brain and brought with it
promises of mornings at the beach, dripping ice cream cones, and freedom.

I am so privileged to have this time….time to finish what I have 
started….a dining room remodel….a rose garden….a book or two….

I hope you will join me as I get back 
into a blogging schedule….I will share my summer with you, my loyal readers.

We have soooo many bunnies this year!

Wild raspberries.

First day of summer.

And, you can also follow my Instagram shop @prince_snow_farm_stand

I am selling mostly vintage goods, and will
also announce when our real life farm stand opens for business!
(photos below from Instagram)


Moo-ve Over….How Cool Is this!

When the folks over at Garelick asked us to try Dairy Pure
 with the flip cap, we said SURE!!!!  After all, it worked well for the toothpaste industry!

The cap is easy to open….

easy to flip….

….and BEST of all, easy to pour….even for little hands! We found it easier for the little ones to aim for the glass and get it in! Plus, no messy drips down the side after!

Success! I really think that Garelick has started a much needed trend…one that will be around for a long time to come. And being a working mom, I am not scouring the counter trying to find the missing cap as we are all trying to get out the door in the morning!

Garelick also has a Five Point Purity Checklist. 
Our farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones*
We test all milk for antibiotics
Continuously quality tested to ensure purity
Only from cows fed a nutritious diet
Cold shipped fresh from your trusted dairy within hours

The first five people to leave a message will win Dairy Pure Tote Bags!

{We received compensation for this post; however all opinions are truthful and solely our own}


Big Sale on Instagram

Are you on Instagram?

Follow me @prince_snow_farm_stand
for LOTS of vintage goodies!

I've added vintage china by the armful in today! 

Also, you can follow me @princesnowfarm


I need your help!

I really need your help!

I have submitted an entry on This Old House for
America's Best remodel, and I need you to give me some love!

Click the link below.
Click 5 stars (pretty pleassssse)

You guys are the best!

(and if you want to pin this with the link, or spread it wildly all over your Facebook and Twitter and email….well…I may just sob….but a happy sob….)


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