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Unlock the Memories

 I am one of those people 
who is privileged to have a strong sense
 of memory.
A bizarre memory at times.
 I'm not extreme, 
like the people who
 remember every detail of every date on the calendar;
 however, I have 
very strong memories from about age 3 on. 

I remember the day my
baby brother came home from the 
hospital (two weeks shy of my
 third birthday). I remember the 
diaper truck on the gravel driveway next door.

I remember having 
pet bunnies (and having to give them away).
I remember riding the 
big red tricycle with blocks 
on the pedals so I could reach.

I remember  in Kindergarten William L. telling the 
class that a robber had broken into his
 house and had stolen all of his father's socks from his drawer.

I remember flying my Campbell Soup 
kite at the Kite Flying Contest in Third Grade.
I remember Bed lunch with Clarence
 and Edna, and hard candies from 
the glass candy dish on Grandma O's kitchen table.

I remember an endless stream 
of what may seem to be
 trivial events ….events that stream through my
 brain daily, event that have formed and molded
 me into the wife, mom, daughter I am today.

I remember the lilacs...white 
and purple,...overflowing 
fragrance slipping through 
the tiny squares in the
 screen and into my childhood bedroom. 

Unlock the memories and you will find the people and events who have shaped your heart.


  1. My dreams roll by like a movie from a very early age. Don't know why I remember them all. They are filed somewhere in my brain by date.

  2. I have a memory just like yours and I love when something triggers a sweet memory.

    I have a small group of friends coming next week for a high school reunion BBQ. Some of the friends date back to elementary school, some continued on to college. And, I know they will laugh when I bring up something about them that will have long forgotten. I seem to be the Memory Keeper for our group.

  3. I am like you with amazing memories from when I was 3. I enjoyed hearing yours.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A lovely post.
    It's nice to unlock the memories every so often and think back to people or events that were impressionable to us. When my dad was alive, he used to cut wild lilacs and bring me a bouquet because he knew how much I liked them.

  5. Lovely post. Like you I have many memories - I remember what I wore on my first day if school to kindergarten ~ this post really made me smile! Have a happy week!

  6. This is so very beautiful! How neat you remember so much! I too have a pretty good memory. I remember when I was 3, holding my siamese cat named Pepper. He was a big boy and very heavy for a 3 year old. But he let me carry him everywhere! hehehe xoxo Jen

  7. Your memories paint a picture of a very sweet childhood :)

  8. So sweet. ♥ I remember things from when I was three also, mostly things to do with our family. I don't remember specific details the way other people do though. My best friend can remember what we were wearing or what song was playing at certain times in high school.


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