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My Writing Process

I was asked by Victoria at Through*For*By
to answer a few questions about writing as part of a 
"writing process blog tour". I was totally flattered! 
Victoria is a writer…a real writer with an amazing outlook on life for someone so young!

A little bit about me: 
My name is Monica. I am a mom to a 15 and 10 year old, wife for (almost) 18 years, 6th grade math and science teacher for 22 years, and crazy gardening girl. In about three weeks you will find me in my green Muck garden boots,  lost in a sea of tending and encouraging.  The summers are filled with zinnias and lavender, tomatoes and green beans. In my spare time I write! I write this blog, or write in a bazillion notebooks, or work on one of the many pieces I have started, but need to actually finish!

My dream? Stay home…tend the gardens, care for bees and chickens…photograph and write about gardens….work on a few different writing pieces. A dreamer, I know!

Here are the questions Victoria asked me:

What am I working on?
Well, I have been working on a piece of fiction for middle school aged kids ( the age I teach), for quite some time. It's evolving as my writing style evolves. I also have a basic idea for a piece of historical fiction based in Massachusetts, aimed at middle school aged kids as well. Historical fiction has always been my personal favorite genre, and its a dream to write a piece; however I need to be able to put in the research time.  I also have loads of notebooks filled with lots of different pieces I have started, or ideas, or rambling...then of course I have my blog...

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I think as I write, it comes straight from the heart, so my fiction is based on a memory, or a feeling, or an emotion.

Why do I write what I do?
Well my blog is an extension of who I am, mom, wife, teacher, gardener. Readers often compliment my "prose" or "poetry", which I always think is kind of cool because I never set out to be a poet. I think my writing, especially the style I use on my blog, is more a personal narrative of my life. I have always written because it feels right. I garden for the same reason. When something is part of your DNA, you need to do it, whether its pushing a tiny seed into the earth, or filling a notebook with words.

How does your writing process work?

My writing process is the total opposite of how we teach kids to write! I am not a "planner" ! Never have been. Rather, I like to write and let things evolve. I may have a few basic ideas in mind; however I like to let things develop right before my eyes. 

Thanks Victoria for asking me to take part! You really made me think about why I write. You also kicked me in the seat of the pants a bit! I hope to write this summer whenever I have a spare moment….or two!


  1. Good morning Monica! I agree with you about how we adults don't engage in the writing process in the same way we teach kids to write. I believe that the skills and possibilities of organization are good starts, but as we ourselves evolve, we find what works for us. It is an art.

    My blog as well is only a facet of my writing process. In my private writings, I have much more to say, sometimes not for public consumption! I try to keep my blog light, but my private poetry more poignant. Best of luck and JOY to you as you continue to write! Anita

  2. Hi,Monica! This is a very interesting post.I like writing , too. I think the sheet of paper (pc , now ?) is like a canvas and you can draw with words.
    Hugs ,

  3. That was lovely, Monica! You have a gift and we, your readers, are lucky to enjoy your writing. And happy gardening! I just came back from Maine, and it was a great surprise to see forsythias still in bloom. Cheers~

  4. I hope that one day you achieve your dream and can write and garden all day long.

  5. I'm excited to hear you're working on some fiction: and what a smart choice to write for an age group you know so well.

  6. Monica, I can't WAIT for you to publish your first book! Truly! Historical fiction is one of my all time favorite genres. Actually, you have your own genre, so I would I have to say, Monica is my all time favorite genre. Your writing inspires me every time! Indeed! xoxo Jen

  7. I'm so glad you decided to join! Happy writing! And gardening! :)


Thanks for chatting!

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