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We're all on school vacation this week. (yahoo!!!!)

I have gotten so much done! Lots of cleaning and organizing. Lots of raking the gardens in
 preparation for next month's planting.

Since I have accomplished so much this week, I rewarded myself 
with a play date….with flowers of course. The grape hyacinth,
 or muscari, as my European friends call it, are
putting on a splendid show.  The narcissus compliment them nicely.

 Vintage wooden crates make a great rustic backdrop and absorb the light.  I am trying to be observant of things like this, as I am self-teaching myself photography.

Yesterday I found this amazing 1800's Wedgwood tureen (with lid) for 3.99. I knew it would become a
fabulous prop and a  practical item for the dining room as I work on the renovation. 

My grandmother's hankie became a picture perfect springtime backdrop.

Her spirit swirled around me as I lay the flowers down…
She loved planting a small patch by her back stairs. 

So what soothes your soul? 
Your garden? Cooking? Your family?
 A little bit of everything?

Take half an hour out from your busy day today….create something, laugh out loud, relax, read.

You deserve it!


  1. I love your Instagram feed to the moon & back; and get so lost in IG, forget about BLOGS. OH, MY….we are soul sisters! This post, itself, feeds my soul. Other than that - outdoors, yes. Getting lost in a book. My family, laughing uproariously. Thank you for the reminder...

    1. Oh you flatter me! My instagram feed and this blog are extensions of my heart…of who I am….so the fact that you love them tells me we are indeed SOUL SISTAS!!!

  2. Loving all of your props and your beautiful spring flowers!

  3. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER! It is so fresh and makes me SMILE, MONICA!

    I agree about the creativity. I cannot live without creating something, anything, whether it's while I'm teaching (creating opportunities for kids to learn) or at my computer, in my home, in the kitchen. WE DESERVE IT! We were made to create.

    I so love that new header....

    1. Thanks Anita! A friend recommended that I use more of my photos in it and I am so glad they did.It took a while for me to figure it all out, but was well worth the time and effort!

      I hope you are feeling better. I think of you often, knowing how debilitating vertigo can be.

  4. LOVE the new look! and this post a pleasure as always. your pics are stunning!

    1. Thanks Janet! And as always, so pleased you popped by!

  5. Love the new look and feel of your Blog !! Gorgeous and it reflects what you write about.

    1. Aw thanks so much! And you are right on target with your comment….this IS what I write about….this is me!

  6. Your new look is so beautiful. I have never thought about using a hanky as a backdrop. I have so many of my grandma's hankies. I always try to use them in some pretty to keep in a drawer.
    Have a nice spring,

    1. Thanks Balisha!!! I was so happy to use the handkerchief. You have a wonderful spring as well!

  7. love the header . . . love ALL the photos you staged . . . you inspire me to play a little with my photos this week.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks! I don't always have time for the staging, but when I do, it's so much fun!!!!

  8. The Wedgwood is beautiful, and so are the flowers! I have so enjoyed this vacation, as I'm sure you have. A little bit of everything mentioned makes me happy, especially baking pies! Enjoy your last day and a half of vacation, I know I will! LOL

  9. The best play date ever! I love your props and your photography is insanely beautiful! xo Jen

  10. Hi ND!
    I hope that you have been enjoying your spring break! I've certainly been enjoying your recent posts. You always take such beautiful photos of flowers!
    This last one is just what I needed to hear after some hectic weeks! I think what soothes me most is snuggling in Terry's arms listening to music or watching TV. That seems to be when I truly relax.

    Thanks for identifying the grape hyacinth. I saw some in our neighborhood and had no clue what it
    was. I loved the foggy post with your son. The picture if his sneakers against the water should win a contest!

    It has to be so difficult to watch your daughter endure the CVS, but you and she handle it with such grace. She is one inspiring girl!

    I hope the time flies, and you have your hands busy in your gardens really soon!
    Take care!

  11. I've just discovered your blog... a joyful world ! a nice break in my coming everyday life .
    (Sorry for my English )


Thanks for chatting!

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