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Foggy Night

Well, I headed out for a quick photo shoot last night.
It was foggy, and I was on a mission. I wanted to take a photo of my son in his Sperry's for a contest. 
 I took a few. He wasn't impressed. I was :)

He quickly started checking his watch….not that he would start homework if we ran home, (my son the procrastinator with straight A's)…but something must be ever so important in this 15 year old's mind. Something other than Mom photographing his feet. 

Why is it ok when he is taking photos of sneakers? Hmmmm...

Ever since I was little, I have been captivated by fog. I can remember walking home alone after baton lessons, savoring the utter peace of it all….the way it enveloped my body and mind in a cocoon.
Of course, my somewhat straight hair also turned delightfully crazy….curls and waves and frizz.
I remember walking slowly…hungry for dinner but not wanting to trade this feeling for the chaos that waited behind the front door. 

It was a good chaos, of brothers and sisters and games of hide n' seek, gunfights, and Monopoly….but just the same, it somehow didn't match this place where a dreamer could dream.

 So I gave in to his persistence .    No, not so much.

I headed to the lighthouse.
What else would you do on a gorgeous foggy night?

The wide open expanse of the ocean was hidden by a thick white spray of fog.
A fog that made me want to stay a while. The lighthouse stood  more majestically this night.
White against white…strength surrounded by uncertainty.

The wind was strong and  cold, but the fog masked it, dragging me back to a place of long ago...

…a place of maybes and what ifs. 

A place where my mind worked a little faster, 
planning and hoping and just knowing that some day….

every piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly...

Fog has that power.

To make you over-think... in a good way….

…and to make you ignore  understand a 15 year old's nagging, roller-coaster of emotions….

Fifteen minutes later the sky cleared to a gorgeous painted sunset.
We were home.
Not doing homework :)


  1. Beautiful! Reminds me so much of Maine! I love foggy mornings, days and nights :) And cool shoes!! But where are his shoe laces? xo

  2. What a gorgeous place to live. OK now I realize that I'm old and not "with it" Why no laces on the shoes?

  3. While I sometimes weary of Portland, Oregon's frequent gray skies and rain, foggy days are some of my favorites. I don't know why they are different than the other, but they are. I love fog!

  4. Very poetic and I love the lighthouse. I also enjoy a nice foggy day. Here in Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I really enjoy following you...Your photos are stunning...the grays and whites perfectly captured..
    Love, Mona

  6. Dearest Monica! I am late, having been home since yesterday and will be home all week due to dizziness! Vertigo has taken over and though I don't feel as if I'm in a fog, the room is spinning not allowing me to go to school to deal with my darling 14 year olds and 17-18 year olds at the high school! I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. That first one of the shoes against the gray of the water....sublime. The light houses and your prose are gentle on my mind today, and I thank you. Have a delicious day, savoring the beauty of your world! Anita

  7. beautiful photos and words.

    I thought of you all last week while I was at Craftcation

    The classes were fun creative topics for me, but business classes for those trying to "quit their day job". Nancy Soriano - former editor of Country Living, Jo Packham of Where Women Create/Cook/Create Business, Kaari Meng of French General and so many other leaders in their fields. There were publishers who led classes on getting published.

    I loved the theme of one of the classes led by Nancy Soriano class descriptions

    this workshop will look at how the story telling, the narrative of your business drives the brand (and ultimately, your sales).
    we will look at what "your" story is, how to shape it, use it, and make it part of the experience of your product. we’ll look at where new story and shopping formats are headed. we'll look at how traditional media, brands and community creators will interact in the future. and, we'll look at how to create more authentic, engaging and rewarding content.

    I met people from all over the US and Canada who were vacationing in my home town with their families while mom and/or dad was attending classes.

  8. I love fog as well! The mysteriousness of it, the coziness of it...oh, yes... I love, love, love lighthouses! I have never been in one. I saw them all of the time when I was at University in Mass. Hopefully, when we come back east we will visit one...maybe with you! ;) xoxo Jen

  9. Unfortunately, the second and
    fifth pics didn't load for me.....

    BUT, the first could have been
    my son!!! He has the same shoes
    and pants (Levi's) and I had to do
    a double take. William is also 15,
    like your son : )

    I adore fog....and cozy.
    Your pictures really capture that
    poetic mood. How lucky to live so
    close to the sea!!!

    xo Suzanne

  10. Gorgeous pictures!!! I especially love the first one that had the rocks, the ocean, and the fog. :)

    Glad a photoshoot with your son turned out so well and got you walking down memory lane!

  11. Beautiful post. I, also love the fog.
    Great pics.


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