Prince Snow Farm


A Study in Yellow

Van Gogh had hay bales, Wyeth had Helga….

It has been 6 months since I have been able to enjoy my gardens.

Spring has brought forth a sea of yellow….

Opaqued sunshine with rocket ship stamens….

Petals that look as if an artist's brush has stroked them with a carefully placed smudge of watercolor….

Couture ruffles become the highlight of this runway….

Enveloping us from our front row seat….

Casting a spell….

Drawing us back to the soil and dew….

….grabbing our hand….

….a smile echoing off of the still barren maples….



  1. Absolutely pure sunshine!!! Daffies are my favorites this time of year - cheerful, pretty and abundant! Cheers to spring :)

  2. Daffies and Sunflowers just say summer.

  3. The gorgeous persistence of bountiful colors, throughout the season. Yellow is my favorite. And who can resist the Daffodil popping up in spring with it's radiant cup of beauty. ~ Dawn

  4. I can't imagine living in a winter climate, but I imagine that when spring does arrive, it must be such a fantastic feeling to see flowers and grass and sunlight.


  5. Spring in all her glory !
    Lovely, fresh pictures.

  6. FABULOUS POETRY!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO did you make my morning! Poetry is like a key to my heart, and you unlocked my morning dizziness from me, sweet friend! We are yet to experience any color here; Minnesota had snow yesterday, but up north. We did however, have 38 degrees yesterday but I have faith, one day soon we shall start the colors.

    Thank you my friend for coming by to visit. I am worse, going in to see an ear specialist for the ringing in my right ear now, accompanying my dizziness!

    Enjoy the poetry of spring! Anita

  7. Yellow is so very you! Your inspire me with all of your heart and soul you put in everything you do. xo Jen

  8. How beautiful! Makes me want to grab my brush and paint them. They're just my cup of tea: simple, vibrant, joyous, inspiring.

    Daffodil season is nearly over here in the Cotswolds, they have left room for mustard, lunaria, tulips... and the lilac is ready to blossom!

    Happy Spring, dear Monica!

    Monica xoxo

  9. These are always such a wonderful sign of spring.

    BTW, your comment about how we do it all....well, the bees just need "checking" every now and again. Once you get them set up they do most of the work. Not all! lol Both my son and daughter have a few chores (calves and chickens) and our garden stays fairly simple. I teach at a school with an alternative calendar. Fall break, Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, spring break, and all the stuff in between. So I feel like I get plenty of time off to work at our home. Nothing here is perfect! But, we do enjoy the projects we take on!


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