Prince Snow Farm



We're all on school vacation this week. (yahoo!!!!)

I have gotten so much done! Lots of cleaning and organizing. Lots of raking the gardens in
 preparation for next month's planting.

Since I have accomplished so much this week, I rewarded myself 
with a play date….with flowers of course. The grape hyacinth,
 or muscari, as my European friends call it, are
putting on a splendid show.  The narcissus compliment them nicely.

 Vintage wooden crates make a great rustic backdrop and absorb the light.  I am trying to be observant of things like this, as I am self-teaching myself photography.

Yesterday I found this amazing 1800's Wedgwood tureen (with lid) for 3.99. I knew it would become a
fabulous prop and a  practical item for the dining room as I work on the renovation. 

My grandmother's hankie became a picture perfect springtime backdrop.

Her spirit swirled around me as I lay the flowers down…
She loved planting a small patch by her back stairs. 

So what soothes your soul? 
Your garden? Cooking? Your family?
 A little bit of everything?

Take half an hour out from your busy day today….create something, laugh out loud, relax, read.

You deserve it!


A Study in Yellow

Van Gogh had hay bales, Wyeth had Helga….

It has been 6 months since I have been able to enjoy my gardens.

Spring has brought forth a sea of yellow….

Opaqued sunshine with rocket ship stamens….

Petals that look as if an artist's brush has stroked them with a carefully placed smudge of watercolor….

Couture ruffles become the highlight of this runway….

Enveloping us from our front row seat….

Casting a spell….

Drawing us back to the soil and dew….

….grabbing our hand….

….a smile echoing off of the still barren maples….



Foggy Night

Well, I headed out for a quick photo shoot last night.
It was foggy, and I was on a mission. I wanted to take a photo of my son in his Sperry's for a contest. 
 I took a few. He wasn't impressed. I was :)

He quickly started checking his watch….not that he would start homework if we ran home, (my son the procrastinator with straight A's)…but something must be ever so important in this 15 year old's mind. Something other than Mom photographing his feet. 

Why is it ok when he is taking photos of sneakers? Hmmmm...

Ever since I was little, I have been captivated by fog. I can remember walking home alone after baton lessons, savoring the utter peace of it all….the way it enveloped my body and mind in a cocoon.
Of course, my somewhat straight hair also turned delightfully crazy….curls and waves and frizz.
I remember walking slowly…hungry for dinner but not wanting to trade this feeling for the chaos that waited behind the front door. 

It was a good chaos, of brothers and sisters and games of hide n' seek, gunfights, and Monopoly….but just the same, it somehow didn't match this place where a dreamer could dream.

 So I gave in to his persistence .    No, not so much.

I headed to the lighthouse.
What else would you do on a gorgeous foggy night?

The wide open expanse of the ocean was hidden by a thick white spray of fog.
A fog that made me want to stay a while. The lighthouse stood  more majestically this night.
White against white…strength surrounded by uncertainty.

The wind was strong and  cold, but the fog masked it, dragging me back to a place of long ago...

…a place of maybes and what ifs. 

A place where my mind worked a little faster, 
planning and hoping and just knowing that some day….

every piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly...

Fog has that power.

To make you over-think... in a good way….

…and to make you ignore  understand a 15 year old's nagging, roller-coaster of emotions….

Fifteen minutes later the sky cleared to a gorgeous painted sunset.
We were home.
Not doing homework :)

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