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Wishes on the Wind

Once there was a little girl who loved to pick pansies from a tiny garden behind the garage.  She used her weathered tin Holly Hobbie watering can to gently nourish the tumble of petunias and velvety coleus.  She carefully tugged weeds from the earth, allowing the plants room to spread and flourish.

Her neighbor, Aurore, gave her generous clumps of violets from her own garden, and showed her how to  lay their tender roots in the ground. The little girl's father showed her how to plant butternut squash seeds in rounded mounds of earth, and how to recognize the warble of the purple finch.

As the little girl grew, she always carried in her heart a love of gardens, of birds, of nature. They nourished her soul, and became an integral part of the woman she would become.

Many years later, that little girl, (now a woman), was blessed with a sensible home and a beautiful garden. Surrounded by winding fences of aged bittersweet vines, the garden sat at the foot of a hill, safeguarded by nearby woodland.

In spring the woman sowed flower and vegetable seeds, carefully planning out the raised vegetable beds, perennial borders, and berry patch. When the frosty spring gave way to warmer ground, the woman planted the seedlings in their new homes. The woman tended the gardens daily, feeling renewed, never burdened.

All summer the woman, (and her sweet little family), gathered from their gardens….hands full of raspberries to top with homemade whipped cream, juicy tomatoes to layer with fresh basil and mozzarella….buckets filled with lavender and wildflowers, ready to grace the center of the farm table at dinner or to be sold in jars at the little farm stand. The family dog waited patiently for crisp green beans, better than any commercially baked dog treat.

As summer faded to fall, the woman's heart sank a bit as she knew she had to return to her teaching job, and would have to leave her sweet garden; however, her garden now nourished her. Vibrant zinnias burst skyward with jewel-toned blossoms, tiny ears of corn sat plump and ripe, pumpkins lay ready to be picked, effortlessly coordinating with the autumn leaves scattered across the landscape.

Eventually, frost danced its way down the hill, over the gardens and into the woods. It left a glistening silvery carpet across the grass, and encrusted the late bloomers' petals in an icy blanket. The woman still visited the gardens, even when the skies of winter poured forth snowfall after snowfall.

When March blew its chilly winds across the woman's garden, she tucked herself inside, playing with flowers...allowing store-bought blooms to momentarily replace what she knew was just an arm's reach away. As she created, varied petals became paint. As she laid each in place, she made a wish. Wishes that cannot be spoken….or written….wishes carried on the wind from the little girl's garden behind the garage. And with a sprinkle from the tiny tin Holly Hobbie watering can, wishes that will nurture for eternity.


  1. What a perfectly beautiful post. I followed where the tale took me with anticipation that soon the gardening year would tell it's total story. Loved the Holly Hobbie mention...Holly Hobbie was so popular back years ago. Thanks for posting something beautiful to read... as yet another snow storm is upon us. Balisha

  2. Eventually frost danced its way down the of many gorgeous lines, your story draws the reader in to experience the colors and seasons. Simply gorgeous...I too am blessed with 'a sensible little home and beautiful gardens'. It won't be too much longer now before we can feel dirt between our fingers again!

  3. I so enjoyed this beautiful, lilting piece.
    I was (am) that little girl too...

  4. Just gorgeous, Monica! You asked about your writing a year or so ago. Like you're not busy enough already! I do hope that you are finding time to do more writing. It's lyrical and lovely. Very cool flower art at the top tool! You ooze with creativity! Have a happy rest-of-your-weekend!

  5. Beautiful words that evoke sweet pictures. A favorite set of words - " a sensible home".

  6. Loved reading your story, I don't think I cope with having continual snow for the whole of winter. That woman waiting for Spring to arrive, 'will be biting at the bit' to get her hands in the earth, sowing seeds & dividing plants. All over the world where ever we live are waiting for the sun to arrive and warm the ground. Loved the re-arranged pretty flower . Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. What a lovely post this morning. I am not a gardener but envy anyone who digs and produces a wonderful garden. I look forward to photos of your abundant garden this summer.

  8. Everything we do goes into eternity, I'm sure of it. LOVED THIS, MONICA!

  9. This piece should be published in a Garden Magazine ... it speaks to all of us who have grown up with our hands dirty and gardens flourishing. Have you tried Birds and Blooms ... I know they would love you. I like the softness of your writing even as your thoughts are poignant. Beautifully done ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  10. You painted an entire picture with this story! I see the little girl and what she wore while gardening...maybe a little sundress that had been worn over and over, piggy tails, and yes...the Holly Hobbie tin. I LOVED Holly Hobby growing up. I had sheets with her all over! xoxo Jen

  11. A really nice post, my friend. It would make a great children's book!

  12. Hello Monica
    Catching up with some blogs after a month's vacation. Congratulations on your article in the Nature Place Journal, I enjoyed it immensely. You are a natural wordsmith and as mentioned above, you should write a book.

  13. Beautiful to learn more
    about your inner child,
    Monica! What a lovely
    spirit she had--and has : )

    xo Suzanne

  14. This is beautiful, Monica. Love this. Love the pictures you paint with your words.

  15. This is beautiful, Monica. Love this. Love the pictures you paint with your words.


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