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Nature Journal

I picked up a little pack of Field Notes Journals at our town's general store, Town Wharf General Store.
There's something special about taking notes in these simple little notebooks with brown paper bag covers. And once I wrap a length of twine around them I feel like I have a special nature journal, all tied up with garden secrets for the coming season.

I have decided to add a few old-fashioned varieties to our gardens this season: 
hollyhocks, morning glory,
nasturtium, sweet peas….

….so I have been doing a bit of research….both online, and in my favorite old gardening encyclopedias.

There's nothing like turning 50 year old pages and dreaming about the gardener before you who may have been planning for their little ( or big) garden….

I read with anticipation, planning carefully, thoughtfully jotting important information on seed germination and planting times.

My mind creates a mental garden map, nasturtium weaving its way up the arbor...

….hollyhocks acting as a stately back drop to the vegetable garden….

….sweet peas ready to overfill jam jars….perfuming our summer air with floral goodness….

…morning glories in varied hues to bloom by day….and a moonflower…to bloom at night.

And when I tire of the dipping mercury, or the snowy forecast, I tuck my little notebooks under my pillow, and I dream a little dream.



  1. Information from some of the older books is as relevant today as when they were written. I like the idea of tucking your journals under your pillow for sweet dreams.

  2. What a lovely way to plan your garden! I'm all for old fashioned garden journals - especially those written by passionate gardeners before me. Btw, we had more snow yesterday :( Oh when will spring come??!!! xo

  3. You should have happy dreams, with those little garden journals being tucked under your pillow. I look forward to seeing the results from all the lovely ideas you have. I'm still not able to work in the garden, I'm due to go into hospital in two weeks time for some treatment. so my garden is still on hold..

  4. I have really missed your posts, Monica! And this is a sweet dream of a post, giving me a wonderful idea to take along my field notes as I explore the gorgeous lakesides of Minnesota, when EVER the snow melts and we can comfortably walk outside! Enjoy your dreams, Anita

  5. Hey Monica,
    I love this post. Keeping up with you on Instagram is such a joy..I loved seeing your seed packets and your zinnias last year.. I had a few minutes to read some blogs and I am so glad I stopped by to visit you....Keep on dreaming is made up of realized dreams...and yours are fantastic.. Those old garden books are beautiful as well as informative....
    Can't wait to see all you do this year....My zinnias are about 3 inches high under grow lights..LOL
    Love, Mona

  6. Nasturtiums are a yearly favorite of mine :)

  7. I love it! I'm dreaming a little dream too!

  8. Moni, I love how you live every single part of your life with meaning. You are such a treasure. I look forward to watching your garden grow this year! I've been busy in mine and thinking of how hard you work in yours while I work in mine. xoxoxo Jen


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