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 I bought this amaryllis after Christmas.

It was sitting on the shelf at Target and it was literally growing out of the cover of the box.

There were LOTS of them, but at 5.99 a pop on sale (in a nice pot), I opted for ONE.

I kept my fingers crossed, especially because the bud sack was formed, and squished.

It grew 5 inches tall and put out 2 amazing flowers.

And then, a second stalk shot up.

2 feet up.

We guessed 2 flowers again….

We were wrong…and boy are we glad!

It had 4 vibrant red buds….

…which became 4 AMAZING flowers….

The last 2 are still opening….so much fun to watch...

nature at its finest….I mean check out those stamens!!!!

Now that's JOY :)


  1. Now that is most definitely joy! What a great purchase. I wish I had somewhere with enough natural light that wasn't freezing this time of year to put something like that. Alas, this old converted barn did not consider natural light... *sigh*
    Hope your are staying warm and safe!
    Hugs and enjoy the weekend my dear friend,
    Beth P

  2. Is there anything more glorious than a red amaryllis?

  3. This is eye-popping gorgeous! Red is my favorite color. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous! What a lucky buy and so bright and cheerful in this long winter! Have a very nice weekend!

  5. Lucky for you it's red. I got a hyacinth and was hoping for a nice color and mine was white. I loved it anyway, but I do love color!!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It's a good omen. Spring is coming...

  7. SPRING IS coming, and AMEN to that...but first, we must endure this snow! Glorious reds today my dear! Anita

  8. Good morning dear ANGEL! I so hope you are all enjoying a peaceful and snowstorm-free Sunday! Yikes, do we have tons of it...a roof caved in on a sporting goods store not far from here and we got a leak in our dining room thanks to loads of snow, but ya know what? SO WHAT! Life if good and angels are all around...I hope that little Stormy is doing well! Happy day dear one! Anita

  9. New blog address for me....


  10. PURE joy! Fantastic! I bought some paperwhites...but they never blossom...just grew taller and taller...argh! xoxo Jen


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