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Playing with Flowers

Oh how I miss playing with flowers…..

….I miss their vibrance...

…I miss their scent….

….I miss what they represent…life and nature….

….I miss gathering up a menagerie of blossoms and bringing them
into the house….or just enjoying the site of them in the garden…a perennial border sitting just inside the boundary of the veggie garden….offering us a gallery of artists
each day of the growing season….

But alas….I have taken to gathering from my winter garden...

….blossoms that have lingered across the seasons….

I have been playing with flowers.



  1. I always wonder what people do in colder climates with snow storms and rain. I realize now that what they do is adapt to their climate. How wonderful to enjoy each season as it is and not be wishing yourself elsewhere.

  2. The photos you've shown today are beautiful. I'm with Carol, I don't know how y'all do it with the extreme winters.

  3. love your photos, flowers and poetry!! can it get any better? I'm dreaming garden garden is always perfect in February;)

  4. I look so forward to my lilacs and rhodies and bulbs to bloom! Please let me know when you receive the crocheted heart you won in my giveaway. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Here we are wishing for spring and it's already arrived...In fact, it never left.

  6. A very nice post, Monica. Planning for a winter garden is a great idea. I am going to remember to do that too!

  7. Beautiful thoughts... and shots of your winter flowers. xo

  8. Winter has its purpose, and that is to compose the ideas and PLAY; yes, winter gardening is on my mind, and I wish you much FUN my friend! Anita

  9. Pure bliss, my friend! Love your images and poetic words. Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend :)

  10. Always so very pretty and soothing! xoxo Jen


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