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Old-Fashioned Strawberry Soda, PERFECT for Valentine's Day!

A repost because it is so yummy!

Well my daughter got a soda making machine for Christmas….back in the 1970's it was the Easy Bake Oven, then Snoopy Sno-Cone, and now a soda machine! Kids these days get real appliances, which in a way is great, because mom can borrow them!

I have been making lots of carbonated water, just plain, like a Club Soda….boy it sure has saved LOTS of $$$ on seltzer. Typically we buy four 12 packs a week. 

I am not so fond of the ingredients in the mixes….even the non-diet flavors have artificial sweeteners….something we just do not use. 
So I decided I would try my hand at a homemade syrup. Yes, it contains sugar, but we aren't drinking it daily, and it is also made with organic fruit, and water….and that's IT!!

When I was growing up, my dad was a pharmacist at a local drugstore. Back in those days he would even serve drinks at the fountain. It was here that I first fell in love with simple syrups. Not a summer has gone by since childhood that we haven't mixed lime rickeys on a hot summer afternoon….not the fake green ones, but the crisp, tangy ones made with club soda (soda water), simple
 syrup and fresh squeezed limes. 

I also made a cranberry simple syrup over the holidays for our homemade sangria. (see it here). 

I decided to make a small batch for us to taste test.

The syrup and the sugary strawberries were heavenly!

Just the right amount of sugar, and such a wonderful fruity flavor.

Of course, when I started to pour the syrup into the bottle of carbonated water(silly me), I created a volcano. It was the volcano of my childhood, pink foam shooting straight up and over! It was like a Brady Bunch episode for those of you old enough to remember. But I managed to save things and we had a BIG laugh. 

After that, we poured the syrup over ice and added the water. MUCH smarter. 

We each added the amount that made the taste right for us. 

It was so pretty….and soooo tasty. Perfect for a Valentine's Day dinner or party.

Strawberry Simple Syrup for 4 (double for a larger group):

 1 cup sliced strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water (add more if needed)

On medium-low heat, combine sugar, water, and strawberries.

Stir until sugar dissolves. 

Continue cooking over a low flame, allowing strawberries to cook down.

Remove pan from heat. Strain strawberry mixture through a fine strainer over a bowl or measuring cup, pressing on strawberries to collect all juices.

Allow strained mixture to cool.

Store in refrigerator or use right away.

Serving suggestion:  Fill glass with ice, pour a small amount of syrup over ice. Add club soda, and stir lightly. Enjoy!

Please leave a comment if you try this!!!


  1. Is this NOT A GREAT IDEA! You know, we spend a lot of money on carbonated water, and we really should buy one of these soda makers. What we do is we add just about 2 tablespoons of Welch's Grape Juice in a tall glass then the rest is carbonated "added" sugar but just that which is natural in the grape juice. But your recipe is great! Pretty too!

    1. Anita, I love the idea of the grape juice!! And I think if you drink a lot of seltzer it is a good investment.

  2. How fun to make your own soda. Anything with strawberries is good by me.

  3. I've never thought of making fruit syrup! This is a great idea! Do you think it would work for italian sodas? Does it taste like the syrup they put on snowcones?

    1. Ooh that's a great idea!!!! Yes it is sweet like on a snowcone

  4. What a refreshing thing to read about.. we're in the middle of a blizzard here in Oregon! Poor daffodils and Snowdrops! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. How perfect….snowdrops! I will keep fingers crossed for the daffodils….ours did fine last year in the snow. Stay warm!!!!!

  5. Yum! Such a creative and tasty idea!

  6. I am a big fan of raspberry syrup scented with roses. Admittedly we buy it in bottles but it contains just those two ingredients and nothing else. One day we will be able to hopefully make our own - just like you!

    1. Oh that sounds divine Kirk! I am sure one day you will make marvelous syrups fresh from your garden.

  7. Ahhhh - very refreshing :) Looks like it, so I know it must have been yummy. I can imagine making this with my nieces and nephews - a fun way to spend time together.
    Have a great weekend, Monica!

    1. Yes Loi, a perfect thing to do with your nieces and nephews. And be sure to make a sugar cookie to go with it ;)

  8. This sounds amazing! I love strawberries! xoxo Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! Strawberries are a never fail fruit!

  9. Hello there my friend! Thank you for coming by today! You know, there is a different kind of "garden" out there in the winter, no matter how bad it is out there. I know you all have been getting hit with so much snow and we are here with the biting cold. But those hydrangeas, don't they bring such joy even in winter? They lend themselves so much to many joys in their dried state, and just examining them, wondering how they stand up to the winds, and still offer themselves to such beauty. I am glad you went out to gather in your winter garden; the possibilities are only asleep, but will wake up very soon.

    Peace and joy to you as you do your winter gardening! Anita

  10. Please use old address....

  11. Looks yummy and I can almost smell the sweet strawberry from looking at your pictures - but I will wait until May when local strawberries are availabe!
    Tina in Germany

  12. I'm so glad you reposted this: it looks amazing and I love the simple, stylish way you served it. What a great idea! I'm off to check out the cranberry / sangria link, too!

  13. It looks divine. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


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