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{Part III} 2013 in Review

The garden came late this year….school was back in,(we ended late and started early)….the tomatoes had a blush in early September….an odd season for this gardener! Stormy was doing ok, but it was hard to leave her after coddling and tending and snuggling….

As much as I adore teaching, returning to school this year left me conflicted. It was the start of my 22nd year, but my heart was calling me elsewhere….to the garden…to the camera strung around my neck….to the notebook filled with essays and articles...

Everything happened at once….several blogs featuring my essays and photos, my first magazine feature….yet time was now coveted….every second spoken for….

….I would grab the camera after school, throw on my boots, and head to the garden….literally for 20 minutes….then back to the house to tidy up, start dinner, and check in with the kids….

A jolly game of pass with a football left my husband feeling less than well, only to be followed by weeks of stress, and finally the diagnosis of heart blockages, followed by procedures, and pain, and discomfort, and a husband that is still not feeling himself….

….and then suddenly the leaves were changing, and my favorite flip flops weren't at the door anymore….a symbol not only of warmer temps, but of a freedom I felt was lost as the temps dropped….

And so I succumbed to the seasons and what I had no control over, and enjoyed my garden even as the blossoms began to fade…..

I drank in the zinnias colors and textures so wholly….their petals played a symphony upon my heart as I photographed their last days….

The hibiscus….generally short-lived was showy for weeks….birthed from an overabundance of snow last winter….

The gourds and pumpkins did well….the squash faltered…and failed….

The garden reached its peak, delivering mason jars spilled over with color in late October….

….and in the midst of the whirl of diagnoses and vegetables, and goblins and gouls….I continued my attempts at yummy tasting gluten -free baked goods….

My Muck boots protected me from deer ticks and the damp grass and mud of autumn...

and a barren apple tree produced its first fruit in 2 years….food for the deer…..much
 better than my hostas!

And just when I thought the last season was the one closest to my heart….

…autumn's sedum….

strawberry popcorn….

….and endless counters full of tomatoes brought a new joy to me. 

I chased the sunset at the lighthouse...

…and wrapped the corn husks to the porch….

I played….

and played….

….and played.

And now it is winter, and we are about to have a snowstorm!

I won't post photos from the last few weeks….you have seen them….

….instead, I will end my review of 2013 with a gentle blending of flora and fauna…
what may appear as flowers and feathers in a blue jar, delights my senses, brings a crooked smile to my lips, and gives me hope for the future.

Stay tuned on New Year's Day for a special post!

Enjoy your New Year's Eve safely, wherever you may be.


  1. A very organic year you had! I hope 2014 brings no health issues for your family or your pooch!

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I constantly am in awe of your green thumb. I was trying to garden yesterday, but The Tasmanian Devil was nipping at my hand with every single weed I pulled and thought she would assist me by tearing up flowers. When she was disciplined she literally tore through the garden, into the house in circles and back outdoors again for a repeat performance. She left muddy paws across our newly washed white quilt. I honestly don't know if Lulu will ever allow me to garden again.

    I will back to read your post tomorrow. Enjoy a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day.

  3. lovely post..i love the last image. Happy new year

  4. What a nice post for the end of the year. I remember so many of these beautiful pictures. The simple one of apples is my favorite.Happy New Year my friend....Balisha

  5. I enjoyed your 2013 review.
    Lovely pictures to go along with your thoughts.
    Wishing you a healthy New Year with much new adventure !

  6. What a year of great projects! I love your style. Glad I found your blog this year and looking forward to what you have to share in 2014! Happy New Year..indoor garden


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