Prince Snow Farm


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I finished adding all of my final touches today.
I want to be able to bake this week and do my last minute shopping. I will try to get what I can done after school, and then I will have  about 4 days off before Christmas to tidy up the house, and just enjoy this special time of the year.

My apple blossom amaryllis blossomed, and it is lovely. The red one took a bit of a tumble this week. It had 5 or 6 flowers open and just got too heavy. It is still plugging along…but 4 flowers fell off. I tucked them at the base of the stalk and they still look perky.

I love the house at night…with the lights and candles glowing. Now this puts me in the spirit…it's magical.

The angel found a perfect spot on the tree in our foyer.We don't use this door, so it makes a perfect nook for the tree.

I spent a few hours putting together this simmering potpourri. I put the leftovers in bowls on our heaters…we have the old radiators, and the smell fills the rooms.

Here's a favorite angel….

…and several of Grandma Edna's Christmas ornaments….cherished…..

…I made this one 2 years ago….I was trying to duplicate one we had on our family tree when I was a child...

The little angel below I picked up somewhere for a dollar or two…she needed a good home…and I am sure she has graced a tree or two in her lifetime….oh the stories she could probably tell….

And here's another shot of the dining table we inherited from my inlaws this week. Chris and Vince from Town Wharf General Store gifted me a wax polish and it worked beautifully to coat the table and bring out the grain of the wood. I don't even mind the little ring left by a glass that is there….after all…it may have been from my husband's glass at the dinner table 40+ years ago.

And I couldn't leave out C's silver tree. She decorated it with her Rainbow Loom Bracelets. How cute,,,,yes?

Ok….and my parting wish to you as I head to bed this Sunday night….take it slow….savor the season, take an extra glimpse, ask for help, know when enough is truly enough, and most of all….breathe!

P.S. It snowed…but then it rained.


  1. What beautiful pictures, I too love a house decorated for Christmas at night. So peaceful. I will send some snow your way if you want it, we are covered in it! ANd more is expected tomorrow. Schools are already delayed for Monday morning.

    take care,

  2. You have a beautiful home!
    Guess what! YOU WON the Ghanaian market basket! WooHoo!

    1. Seriously?!!!! I am so grateful!!!!! Thank you!

  3. I'm with you.. we're pacing ourselves and enjoying it as it goes. No need for stress. But we are retired, so that helps. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I loved the peek into the house at Prince Snow Farm. And, I love all the sweet memories you have set out all over the house.

  5. Good morning my dear! The house looks magical and ready for a round of bedtime Christmas stories! We had snow this weekend, not much, but enough to get the mood started. LOVE YOUR HOME! Anita

  6. I have enjoyed your journey to Christmas so much! Thank-you and Merry Christmas.

  7. Loved the Christmas tour. This is our most simple Christmas and I find I am enjoying it more and more. Good advice you give at the end of your post..

  8. Monica, you're home is the coziest, loveliest, most unpretentious and most perfect place to be! So beautiful! xoxo Jen

  9. Loved all the photos and your tree is beautiful! It snowed here too but it didn't rain, yet. We now have about 10" on the ground, which of course is nothing for us! :D More snow is on the way for tomorrow but later in the week freezing rain is predicted, eeek!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays my dear friend,
    Beth P

  10. Good Morning Monica,
    I do love your Christmas Tree. It is a tree of memories (as Christmas Trees should be). Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. I bet your house does look magical at night :)
    I'm loving mine at the moment... the sparkly tree and loads of candles glowing, I wish it could look like that all year!

  12. Dearest Monica,

    THANK YOU for your lovely words tonight; may the wonder of the stars and what's BEHIND THEM fill your soul forever. ENJOY a fabulous New England Christmas!! Much love, Anita

    P.S. those drawings I did...for as simple as they are, they sure took a long time to get "right!"

  13. Happy holidays to you and your family, love all the photos showing how you add a touch of magic to the season


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