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Deck the Halls

Well, I have been busy decorating….still…inside and out….

I finished the mantel….but I need to get a good daytime photo!

And while we have been hoping for a dining table as we transform the playroom back to a dining room….lo and behold my in-laws had the table my husband grew up eating dinner on every night right in their basement all along!  And it is exactly what I wanted. A cozy, rustic feel.
Amy Chalmers  from Maison Decor recommends a wax or hemp oil to bring out the natural tones of the wood.  And the folks over at Town Wharf General Store have some polish samples for me to try if I ever swing by to pick them up!

(Thanks Ed and Carol)

This past weekend I gathered holly and cedar, and pine and beautiful berries from our woods to decorate the doors and gate.

And today, we had a bit of snow….

It is pretty on the pine boughs...

And see the large pine in the photo below? My son went into the woods and cut it down, dug a deep hole, "planted" the tree and strung it with lights. It looks so pretty at night….and equally as pretty covered in a bit of winter white.

That's what I've got!
A quick post…trying to relish the goodness and purity of the season….and wishing you the same.
Peace and Joy to you.


  1. I love simple and real and organic and natural. LOVE the shot of the long needle pine with snow.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful pics. The greenery and berries you gathered are perfect !

  3. Isn't it all lovely? Nature, the beauty of an old wooden table, the scent of pine? Enjoy it all my dear. Anita

  4. Everything looks so amazing, nature is gorgeous!

  5. simple and lovely - your holly and berries and snow are definitely Christmas decor.

    I thought of you yesterday while listening to NPR. There was a discussion about public employee pensions and it said that Massachusetts teachers had one of the worst pension programs around. Sorry.

  6. Your "bouquet" from the woods is just what I would like to gather from mine...but we don't have trees like yours. I can almost smell the fragrance of those greens.
    Love your simplicity in decorating...such a treat after seeing so many "busy" homes. Everyone has their own style of decorating...I really enjoy yours.

  7. I am still in love with those twig stars... I have to make some... I keep saying that and now everything is covered in snow. All I have to do is pop across the road to where the logging occurred and there should be no shortage of branches and twigs...
    Happy Holidays my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P

  8. Happy Christmas! The snow is gorgeous.

  9. Great table and beautiful landscapes! Pug kisses for Stormy.

  10. So VERY beautiful! The snow, the woods, the foraging! xoxo Jen

  11. How lucky to get that beautiful dining table! And all the better because it has such history.


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