Prince Snow Farm


Prince Snow Farm

This week was a blur!

One of those weeks when you try to accomplish so much....

...that in the midst of it all you for get to take a breath and look around.

I had to take Friday off from work... I decided to bring the camera to the bus stop. I LOVE walking my daughter to the bus stop. Here she is walking down with her triplet neighbor friends. Sometimes I think that she thinks she is a quad! Only the height gives it away! They are filled with joy and laughter from the moment they are together!

And then on the way back I snapped a few shots of the yard. Early morning and late afternoon light have always mesmerized me. I guess that's why I love to put the shades up in the morning, and hate to put them down in the afternoon.

I have been working on the garden bit by bit. 
(K is still a bit out of commission. He hasn't returned to work yet after having 2 stents and a ballon for a few blockages. He is still experiencing chest pain, and they are trying to get to the cause of it. We are making him lay low and rest. Please keep him in your prayers.)

This hook hangs  on our mini barn. I imagine it is quite old, and had an interesting purpose long ago....

....and someday we will remove this lovely decorative piece and restore it  to its true beauty.

I love when a different year, with different weather conditions produces something we don't usually see. These berries are not typical here at Prince Snow Farm....but I am adoring them and hope to incorporate them into a few wreaths. I hope to craft a few wreaths and arrangements of greens next weekend.

Just a quick peek....I have been trying out 11 x 14 prints of several of my photographs.

My instagram friends have encouraged me to include them in my Etsy shop....I think I may do that! (don't mind my arm shadow!)

This is my winter lettuce! It is such a gorgeous shade of green! I hope it continues to do well in the little hoop house!

These grasses never fail to mesmerize me....

....more berries.....

...garlic hanging in the greenhouse....

....a stonewall made with love and skill long ago....

The Nantucket bell chimes daily...a soothing sound that I would miss if it was absent...

I love the worn rustic back of the mini barn....

And here we have our 10 year old.
Today is her 10th birthday.
She is an amazing child. 
At 2 weeks old she has a hip 1 month torticollis, at 10 months a helmet, at 3 she was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, at 7 she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. A lot right? 
Yet she is a go getter. Example....see those balloon hats? She went in the closet and took out the balloons and pump. Blew up balloons, and twisted them into hats for all of her friends to wear. She does her homework right away without me asking. She helps out around the house....she is kind to others, and polite....see her reading that card? She read every word of every card, and made each one seem equally as special. And she can sing. She would be mad for me telling....but when she sits at the computer she sings soul....and blues...and when I ask her what song it is, she tells me she is just making it up! She amazes me more each day.
Happy Birthday C.

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  1. Happy birthday to your little C, who is getting so big :) Thanks for sharing these special moments of life. Love your collection of heart shaped rocks - so cool. Keep us posted on K.
    Happy Sunday, L

  2. Happy, happy LIFE to your little one my dear! She certainly is a go-getter and has proven her zest for life! May your husband get better every day, and may they find out what is causing the pain. Hugs to you, Anita

  3. Another idea for your Etsy - cards with your gorgeous photos and inside your lovely prose.

    Beautiful photos . . . beautiful location . .

    Happy Birthday to one whose birthday is just one day different from mine and prayers for your husband.

  4. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to C! She is an amazing little girl. I hope hubby gets fully back to his old self, too. Love your images. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a lovely post... love the walking to the bus stop (I just retired from driving for our local district, 15 years of transporting students in a 40' transit style 78 passenger bus... loved me job with all my heart, but an OTJ injury a year ago, subsequent surgery and major complications forced me to retire a year earlier than I had hoped/wanted. But the Lord changes times/seasons and I embrace this new page of life... Happy Birthday to C! She's a lovely little girl... LOVE your garden gate...Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #109!

  6. I wish many blessings for your little daughter this year. Such a sweet girl. Love the balloon hat.
    Your pictures are wonderful. You make even the ordinary look extraordinary.

  7. What a nice image of the girls walking together! Your pictures are, as usual, just beautiful… and a happy late birthday to the 10 yr. old!

  8. Love your gorgeous photos of your beautiful place, love that you'll be selling some of your photography in your shop, but most of all, love the beautiful girlie you described at the end. Praying for your husband's complete recovery as well.

  9. What a nice pictorial about life and the ever changing chapters and seasons that we all experience. I hope K recuperates rapidly and you are so blessed with a daughter that seems so thoughtful.

  10. Wow, Monica! What a week! I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Your home is my dream. Your daughter is amazing. Her strength comes from you, yes indeed! You are a beautiful soul. Your words always soothe my soul. Thank you for that! xo Jen

  11. Happy birthday to your daughter! If you ever have any questions about celiac disease, remember my husband was diagnosed at the age of 3, so we could help answer any questions! Also, I love the photos of the grasses in your yard too! At Panola Mountain State Park, they asked for volunteers to help and collect grass seed, and that looks very much like what we collected...native Indian grass and blue-stem grass (the Indian grass had seeds on top and the blue stem was the feathery seeds that we shook into our pillow case).
    Praying for K. and that all goes well for him. xx

  12. I did so enjoy reading this blog post. I love the photographs of course but you write so nicely too. The grass meadow is very nice. I will add K to my prayers and I wish you a happy rest of the week!
    Bye for now

  13. This was quite a wonderful post, so much to see and celebrate. The farm is absolutely beautiful! Oh, and happy 10th birthday to that sweet little girl! I will also extend my prayers to K - I wish many blessings to you and your family.



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