Prince Snow Farm


A Little Giveaway From Prince Snow Farm

As I prepare for the holidays, I want to offer a giveaway 
with a few little treats from Prince Snow Farm!

Your choice of either photo, both taken by me here at Prince Snow Farm.
Size 11 x 14

Set of four 4 x 6 Muslin Bags with Finch on Thistle
Perfect for gift cards, soaps, little treats.

A Generous Strip of Peace Hand-Stamped Garland / Ribbon

A Hand-Stamped Bag with two heat sealed bags of lavender….makes a great gift, or toss one in your dryer….the other in your bath, under your pillow, or in the linen cupboard.

Four Recycled Chipboard Hand-Stamped Tags with Rustic Chic 
Torn Fabric Ties


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Winner will be chosen Wednesday December 4, 2013, and items shipped by the weekend!



I am thankful that we had Thanksgiving dinner 
with family and friends at my parent's house.

It was a beautiful day.
(and yes…..I got to sit at the kids table).

I am Thankful for:

the purple finch's distinct call
leftover buttercream frosting
a thin line of purple in an icy sunset
damp soil and emerging seedlings
twisty rustic fences
snuggly scarves in a chilly classroom
roast chicken stuffed with sage and rosemary
a camera around my neck
blogging friendships
helpful neighbors
dandelions to make salve
the catbird's summer visit
a joyful garden
childhood memories
puppy snuggles
gluten free flour
books that enthrall
music that makes me laugh and cry
buckets of zinnias
Instagram friendships
the ability to teach
mussels and linguica in white wine over garlic toast
my parents
my brothers and sisters
my inlaws
a husband on his way to good health
the cuddliest, kindest kids ever

Happy Thanksgiving.


A Holiday Centerpiece

Here's quick and easy arrangement that is appropriate for Thanksgiving and Christmas…or just for winter….

I lined a rustic wooden tray with greens, placed a vintage bowl in the center with a candle* and a handful of cranberries.  I dehydrated oranges yesterday to make pot pourri, so I borrowed a few dried slices to add color to the greens. I wanted a real candle for the photos, but due to the wood and real greens, I will be practical and replace it with a flickering battery powered candle that I have (for safety reasons).

I have been crafting all day for my Etsy shop.

Something about this just brings me joy and hope.

Happy Sunday.


The Week

It's been a busy week.
I think I've been saying that a lot lately!

I have tried to squeeze crafting time in every day, even if it was right before bed.
After all, it's that time of the year!

I am once again crafting my lavender filled bags….I have enough lavender to fill a few dozen with bath teas, sachets, and dryer fresheners. I'll do my best to list this weekend on Etsy. If interested, just shoot me a note and I will reserve for you!

Please forgive a combination of Instagram and phone photos. That's what time has permitted.
Many of you have sent prayers for my husband who has returned to the hospital for a third time. He had ANOTHER stent put in today. We are hoping that this now solves all of his problems. Poor guy….it has been a stressful few weeks to say the least. Thanks for the kind words! 2013 has been a bizarre health year. My hysterectomy and recover during January and February. Stormy's illness this summer, and now K. I am confident 2014 will bring us health and happiness!

I brought this geranium to my classroom. It was almost dead outside, as we had had 20's and 30's. It is now thriving on my classroom windowsill. I love to bring what I can to school and then take it back home the following spring.

Last night I ran home from the grocery store, changed quickly for my son's golf banquet, and then ran outside to gather an armful of twigs. I have had it on my mind that I wanted to make twig stars.
I am glad I took 3 minutes to gather them last night. It is raining today and the wet twigs would have been messy, and wouldn't have taken the hot glue.  They are so much fun to make.  I made a few that I wasn't so happy with, then I drew a big star on a piece of parchment, and laid out the sticks. Success!! Fun, free, rustic….my favorite!

I was also sorting through some old china….to keep or to list…hmmmmmm.

And I stamped a bunch of cotton ribbons…
Use them as garlands, wrap up brown paper packages, tie around a bottle of wine….so many options….

I love the cobalt against the barn red….wish I could keep it outside!!



Prince Snow Farm

This week was a blur!

One of those weeks when you try to accomplish so much....

...that in the midst of it all you for get to take a breath and look around.

I had to take Friday off from work... I decided to bring the camera to the bus stop. I LOVE walking my daughter to the bus stop. Here she is walking down with her triplet neighbor friends. Sometimes I think that she thinks she is a quad! Only the height gives it away! They are filled with joy and laughter from the moment they are together!

And then on the way back I snapped a few shots of the yard. Early morning and late afternoon light have always mesmerized me. I guess that's why I love to put the shades up in the morning, and hate to put them down in the afternoon.

I have been working on the garden bit by bit. 
(K is still a bit out of commission. He hasn't returned to work yet after having 2 stents and a ballon for a few blockages. He is still experiencing chest pain, and they are trying to get to the cause of it. We are making him lay low and rest. Please keep him in your prayers.)

This hook hangs  on our mini barn. I imagine it is quite old, and had an interesting purpose long ago....

....and someday we will remove this lovely decorative piece and restore it  to its true beauty.

I love when a different year, with different weather conditions produces something we don't usually see. These berries are not typical here at Prince Snow Farm....but I am adoring them and hope to incorporate them into a few wreaths. I hope to craft a few wreaths and arrangements of greens next weekend.

Just a quick peek....I have been trying out 11 x 14 prints of several of my photographs.

My instagram friends have encouraged me to include them in my Etsy shop....I think I may do that! (don't mind my arm shadow!)

This is my winter lettuce! It is such a gorgeous shade of green! I hope it continues to do well in the little hoop house!

These grasses never fail to mesmerize me....

....more berries.....

...garlic hanging in the greenhouse....

....a stonewall made with love and skill long ago....

The Nantucket bell chimes daily...a soothing sound that I would miss if it was absent...

I love the worn rustic back of the mini barn....

And here we have our 10 year old.
Today is her 10th birthday.
She is an amazing child. 
At 2 weeks old she has a hip 1 month torticollis, at 10 months a helmet, at 3 she was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, at 7 she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. A lot right? 
Yet she is a go getter. Example....see those balloon hats? She went in the closet and took out the balloons and pump. Blew up balloons, and twisted them into hats for all of her friends to wear. She does her homework right away without me asking. She helps out around the house....she is kind to others, and polite....see her reading that card? She read every word of every card, and made each one seem equally as special. And she can sing. She would be mad for me telling....but when she sits at the computer she sings soul....and blues...and when I ask her what song it is, she tells me she is just making it up! She amazes me more each day.
Happy Birthday C.

Rurality Blog Hop #40


My Lucky Day

I knew that I had something published in the newest issue of Hearth Magazine; however, I had no idea what photo was used, or the layout...or the release date....

My husband and kids knew how anxious I was for the issue to arrive.
They were home before me today, and hid a very special piece of mail under my Etsy orders.

Imagine my joy when I saw it was Hearth!
I screeched a bit.
I ran in circles.

I held it tight and grabbed my camera.
Something as beautifully packaged as this deserved a photo session.

I mean, look at this glorious seal. I so desperately wanted to see the magazine....but I was enjoying the wrapping! It meant so much to me that my FIRST published, (in print form), essay and photo were wrapped up like a gift. This wrapping alone symbolized what I have been working towards....the rustic beauty....the old-fashioned goodness. The folks at Hearth have such  amazing insight ....the paper is amazing...the photos are beyond anything I have seen, and the words are inspirational. You want to tuck it neatly in a pocket, and carry it with you wherever you go....then magically unfold it to enjoy its rays of light when you need a smile or a friend or a nudge to get creative.

Quite honestly, I will treat this issue like I would a special coffee table book. It should be seen, and read, and re-read. 


And then, to top off this already special day, it snowed.

Just enough to create magic.

And I walked around our property smiling....

....loving the little tufts of snow sitting upon the leaves and blossoms....

...little sparkly hats and blankets....

Mother Nature ushering in the next season with gentle force....



with a so long but not a good-bye....

A new season's palette....

a blur of shimmer and deep greens and textures....

It was beautiful.

And my favorite part....the roads were clear, so I didn't have to slip and slide 
my way to and from work...or the grocery store...or the post office....

It was a great day.

It was my lucky day.


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