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Yoga Time

 I'm not sure I am the most
graceful one on this earth.... friends may say I appear graceful, but take my word for it.... not so much. Especially if I tried 
to strike a pose on a yoga mat.
No way. Not me. In fact, I would probably laugh too hard, trip, and make a buffoon of myself.

Some people are so gazelle-like, they can move this leg over their 
head while that leg is somewhere in Alaska.
But let's get real, I do remember step aerobics folks. Many, (20+), years ago
I had a (male) friend who decided we needed to step aerobicise together.
BIG mistake.
When I met my husband, he came complete with a step. I warned him ahead of 
time that it wasn't for me. At all.

So I have searched out more stationary means of relaxation.

Today, after a very hectic day, I needed to do a bit of "yoga."

My relaxation starts in the garden.
I bent and twisted.
(And I never fell to the ground.)

I felt graceful.
I felt rejuvenated.

No downward facing dog here.
Although there was a cute upward facing pug face wondering what I was up to.

And there was RELAXATION to the max.


  1. Namaste! Do you know that
    the literal translation of namaste
    is, "The spirit in me greets the
    spirit in you?" I've always loved

    So glad to read that Stormy is
    doing better. Praying that complete
    healing is on its way.....

    Love your zins. Despite some
    chilly temps, mine are still
    blooming their little hearts out.
    Have to love that.

    xo Suzanne

    1. i didn't know the literal translation Suzanne! How fitting from my friend across the miles.

  2. That's a great way to do yoga in my opinion. I just read your Stormy update and I am so happy! Payton was slow to pick up toys and once she did it was certainly worth celebrating even when it was just a few seconds of play.

    1. My favorite relaxation! Yes, even one little chase of the ball is huge for this previously mad house runner!

  3. I would much rather be in the garden than any gym, for sure! Your flowers are so pretty, it's nice to be able to enjoy those last few before everything must be put to bed for the winter.

    So glad to hear that your precious Stormy is doing a bit is hopeful when they start to feel up to a little play. xo

    1. Me too! I love the last minutes! We will hope for more improvements in Stormy!Thanks so much!

  4. Your pics are gorgeous. I'm laughing out loud in the kitchen at midnight. You are such a great writer. Slowly I'm working my way through the posts I missed in the past month or two. Thank-you so much for sharing...this is my 'mini-vacation-blog'.

    1. Thanks Janet! Glad the thought of me with legs flying through the air gave you such a good laugh! :) Also glad you are catching nice that you have stopped by!

  5. And NAMASTE to you too, dear Monica! I think I shall engage in some relaxation today...I have the day off! PEACE, Anita

    1. Thanks Anita! I hope you have had a relaxing day. I have been enjoying 70 degree days in mid October....just crazy!

  6. Ahhh Friday, and it is conference day so I am "working" away in my art classroom. I recently went to my first basic Yen Yoga class. I have no flexibility, but love how enjoyable and peaceful the hour long class is. Enjoy and relax this weekend.

    1. I wish on a conference day I could get something done!!! I am glad you found the class and life can be's good to have a release! Enjoy your weekend as well!

  7. Ah...Stormy, yoga-ing with ya! The best yoga practice ever. xo Jen

  8. Such calming pics. The weather in our area has been great hasn't it?

    So I'm a linear thinker and guy. What does the No 9 mean? It made me think of the Beatles song.

    1. Yes, the weather has been kids are still running around in bare feet....although I think that will change this week!

      And if you are truly linear, you must have been wondering where 8 and 10 are! Just a number I grabbed, but also my address and daughter's age!


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