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Sunset Hike

Taking a sunset hike is a special thing....

....but it's even more special when your 14 year old agrees to come along.

We took the hike at a place called Nasketucket Bay State Reservation.

It's always a treat when there is something this special in your own town, and you have never been. 

It was an overcast, perfect fall day here in southeastern Massachusetts.

Our walk was relaxing and the sights were so beautiful.

The forest was spreading its seeds in the hopes of a fertile spring....


The vintage Yashica A box camera proved to be a fun diversion from
the everyday stresses of high school....

There is something very pure about these paths. There is a feeling of being at one with nature.
For a moment I even forgot about dishes, laundry, and correcting papers.

The mosses and lichens and saplings cover the forest floor....

....resting in a cozy blanket of summer's lost leaves, and conifers' dropped needles.

Mother Nature paints this canvas with textures and tones

that seem to emanate from our dreams...

...even a fallen branch becomes a lesson in perspective .....

....and just when you think it can't get much better....

....the forest gives way to the sea....

...the rocky shoreline explodes on the horizon ahead....

...bringing with it views we have never encountered....

....last minute pollinators....

....and  lots of love.

Love for this boy who is almost a man....

Love for this gift of nature...

Love for adventure....

...and sunset hikes.


Thanks to Alicia from Buzzards Bay Coalition and
 Eric from


  1. how can he be in high school....wasn't it yesterday........what a wonderful way to spend part of this beautiful fall to youxxxx mary s.

    1. Time gets away from us...moments like this let us slow it down a bit :)

  2. Looks like a perfect Saturday to me!

  3. I have a tear in my eye......nature, motherhood and a boy....(I do not have children, but if I did, I would want a special boy in my life).

    Oh dear, what would we do if we were not surrounded by nature? It fills a hole in my being, and since childhood, the smell of the sea, the texture of the landscape and the quiet of the moment have all been my best friends. Lovely post my dear, and I was smart enough to get my French essays all graded on Thursday, since we had two days off from school! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! Anita

    1. You summed it up perfectly Anita, it does fill a hole in my being as lucky we are!

  4. Beautiful post, Monica. Wishing you more days like this, appreciating the simple beauty of nature with your kiddos.

    1. Thanks Lisa! You know how fleeting these moments are!

  5. Thanks for taking me along on your hike. I was just talking with a friend about some of the wonderful hikes in our area. I think Steve and I need to take some time away from the ocean and head for the hills.

    1. My pleasure Carol. You are lucky to be able to hike the hills AND have the beach close by. Hope you are having fun primping for your daughter!

  6. What a wonderful route - the sea was a lovely surprise, part way through your photos.
    I love walking (or running, when I have the energy). I can't ever remember returning from a walk feeling less optimistic about life than when I set out. It's magical, free medicine, in my book!


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