Prince Snow Farm


Jack Frost

 Jack Frost visited our neck
of the woods last night.

We awoke to a blanket of white crystals... stretched across the lower part of our field, and criss-crossed the garden...

....the sage and zinnias were dusted with ice crystals....

...lending us their beauty even this late in the season.

The crisp, early morning air filled my lungs...

Hopefully no one noticed my PJ pants peeking out from my wool coat and garden boots....

...and even if they did, it was worth it for these
 peeks at nature that I usually miss as I 
scramble off to work each morning.

The sun was just rising above the horizon....

....lending a gentle fill of light to this autumn world.

The birds were chirping everywhere, begging us for a few feeders full of seed...or perhaps they were enjoying the beauty as much as I was.

And then, in the midst of it all, a confused purple Phlox flourished with more intensity than I have seen all season.

What a great start to the weekend.


  1. There is nothing like waking up to a shroud of white, and look at those flowers; they are encased in magic. ENJOY ! Anita

  2. Gorgeous pics! I'm in Western Mass and marveled at the frost in our garden this morning. I'm also a teacher (pre-k) and mom. Nice to happen upon your blog!

  3. Our temps are dipping down too, no frost yet, but soon. Beautiful shots!

  4. HOw I love these pictures Monica; these flowers look as if they have powdered sugar on them, and all we need now is to see a sugar plum fairy land on them!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments last night! Learning to write poetry is as painful as touching on certain subjects, but it is an art that is worthy of study. Thank you for your lovely reflection and response, and if you are interested in any real poetry, I can suggest some, unless you already do read it!

    Poetry is exactly what you describe; a form of writing that should make us rethink, redo, reread.....and it's an honor to know that my practice poetry can evoke such ideas in you. KEEP WRITING! Anita

  5. OH! As I see your header with the turkeys, I saw a group of females (I call them the Sistahood!) down on the intersection a few blocks from my house! They were holding up traffic and one of them fanned out her feathers and took on a bus HEAD ON! She stood there facing the bus until the bus went around HER! It was hilarious that a turkey had so much power!

  6. The seasons are so different across our country. You see frost on flowers and we see the sand receding and the loss of our jetty "walk through". That is how we welcome a seasonal change.

  7. Your surroundings are beautiful and I love that you seem to really appreciate it! Loved the frosty tour!

  8. Love that it looks like glittery sugar!

  9. I didn't think your garden could look anymore beautiful but with the frost and sunrise it's breathtaking!

  10. Wow I must get out and cover my plants, it is cooling down here as well though no frost as yet. Beautiful photos. Have a good week Diane

  11. Beautiful! We don't get delicate frosts like this. Thank you for sharing your pictures. That sunrise is gorgeous! I went back to see if I could find your PJ's... :)
    Thank you for sharing your post at Fresh-Cut Friday!

  12. Your pictures are beautiful but I have to say Brrrr! It's still warmish here with low of about 50 in the mornings. I love winter but don't want my flowers to go away. :)


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