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Wednesday Garden Walk

We had unseasonably warm temps here in Massachusetts today....almost 90 degrees!
So I decided to head out and clear my head with my camera in my hand.

The white topiary Rose of Sharon has had its best season yet.

The Hydrangeas are adorned with their fall coats....

The bees are busy on the Sedum, which has turned a glorious pink....

The gourds are big....although one of my two was gouged by
 some sort of a furry creature with long claws....meanie.....

The zinnias continue to put on a show, this one reaching for the Heavens....

These interesting mothy butterflyish creatures....(which a reader Sally reports are called Skippers....thanks Sally).....

pose perfectly atop the colorful zinnias.

Tickweed looks glorious and sunny....

....the mums are starting to bloom....

My 2 Dahlias are budded, and I am hoping for a few showy blossoms!

More hydrangeas....each so unique....

....I love the vintage feel of their faded blossoms....

....even the crispy brown petals are elegant and noble....

....a true testament to Mother Nature.

Boots have taken me from spring to ticks this way....

The forest was glowing this afternoon...

The tomatoes look as they should have in July...I still have high hopes...

The raspberries are giving us a quick second pick...

The ivy and wild berries are flourishing....

....the wild ferns prolific.

The Tarzan Vines (old bittersweet) hang from the trees.
These are the vines we used to build the garden fence.

This Ivy has wrapped around a stately pine.

Here lies the chopped apple tree....still needing a resting place.
It was chopped in half by hurricanes and blizzards.

 Remarkably, it produced the first apples in years.
They feed the deer, keeping them away from the vegetables.

The apple tree is sprouting new life here....

....and there....

Pokeberry is turning a deep plum....

And you know I took a swing or two on my way back to the house.

Where I was blessed with one more peek at a vivid
autumnal bloom.

Happy almost fall.


  1. Beautiful garden tour! I love the antique hydrangea and they are so pretty dried.

    1. Thanks Leslie! I am going to try to dry some for the holidays!

  2. Beautiful garden photos! The "moth like thing" is a skipper - a type of butterfly and here in Virginia they like zinnias also. sally

    1. Thanks Sally! This is the first year they have visited!

  3. Yes my dear, we too had 100+ temps the other day, and in my middle school classroom, there is NO air conditioning! My 8th graders are real troopers, while trying to learn French!

    Your photos.....OH DEAR, what glory. Enjoy yourself once again today. Anita

    1. We were close to 90 Anita, but not 100! Our school has no A/C either! Thanks for the visit!

  4. I love your appreciation
    for Nature's beauty and
    bounty.....and there is a
    lot of it right there, on your
    own property ~ how lucky!!!

    Each season presents its
    own gifts, but fall ~ or
    pre-fall ~ is especially abundant
    with them, isn't it?

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    xo Suzanne

    1. Thanks so much Suzanne! I agree, and how nicely put, each season does come with its own gifts!

  5. Loved taking this fallish walk with you. It seems we are on the same wave length this early morning.

    1. I love the crisp mornings Balisha! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow what amazing blooms. Is there a cooler breeze when you live on an island?

    1. Linda, I am not on an island!!! Just in a Nantucket State of sorry for the confusion. I am on the coast though, and we do get a bit cooler breeze at certain times of year.

  7. What an amazing garden - it seems to have survived the warm temperatures with no problem...beautiful!

    1. Yes, thanks! And now the cooler weather is here.

  8. The shot with the Sedum and the bee is amazing! I'm going to show it to my honey friends :)

  9. it's all so beautiful. that butterfly moth thing was really interesting. what an amazing world you have surrounding you:)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. So sorry I'm new at this I'll try again. You are heading into to fall as we are enjoying our spring. Fall is my favourite time of the year, everything starts to slow down and the plants flower for one last time before falling asleep awaiting spring once again. The sedum is such a bee magnet, you captured that really well. We don't have bumble bees here in Australia, however when I was growing up both in England and New Zealand we did brings back memories.

    1. No bumble bees?!!!!That seems so od! But so interesting at the same time! I will enjoy watching your spring as our temps turn chilly!

  12. What a pretty nature walk. Thank you! We also have a very old apple orchard ( I mean really old!). It surprises us as it continues to produce fruit. Every year we wait to see how many or how few apples it will produce. This year it looks like we might be lucky. By the way, your gourd is beautiful!

    1. How charming that you have an old apple orchard. Thanks for the visit! And as for the gourds....hoping the animals stay away!


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