Prince Snow Farm


Sunlight and Shadows

I like the crisp air of fall.
I like the smell of woodburning fireplaces. I love
snuggling up under a cozy throw at the end of an October day.

But it's the light that draws me in....

...the straggling rays

...reaching through the Maple and resting longingly on boughs....

...I can sense its urgency....

...its need to dance in the forest...

...its clutching grasp of spotlight on vines as they wrap upward and outward....

....a gentle kiss upon a tomato branch ....

...signifying an inevitable and sorrowful parting....

I watch with desire and with fear...

wanting to clutch the golden light to my heart....or fly away.


A Saturday Drive in the Country

Life gets busy, too busy at times.
September is always crazy.
When we finally took time to breathe, it felt nice to take a ride.

It was a short ride, only about 15 minutes away.

And we weren't there for long.

But while we were there, it felt good to forget about
laundry and bills and schoolwork.

It felt good to drink in the blue sky and fall air.

It felt good to watch the kids exploring.

We didn't get away this summer after Stormy's diagnosis.
The kids were more than gracious in understanding.

So that made this quick little getaway so much more important.

It made it food for the soul.

It made it family time.

Time to be a kid.
Time to enjoy our kids.

Time to drive a big red tractor, and not have to think about multiplication, or spelling words...

...or a very full schedule of Honors high school courses...

Time off from golf practice....

Just time to enjoy the gifts of nature....

especially the cranberries....

a true sign that fall has hit our little corner of the world....

We are off to the Apple Orchard.

(Stay tuned closer to the holidays for a homemade Cranberry Sangria Recipe)



A friend has let me borrow her camera...
I am having so much fun trying it out!
Today I was able to photograph my first Dahlia of the season.
In fact, I was afraid as the temps dipped into the 30's that I wouldn't get to experience these beauties.

They were gifted to me by another friend(wow, I have great friends!)
And as I headed out on this PERFECT autumn afternoon,
I realized that this growing season has been a lesson
in patience.

I have urged the Dahlias on since June....digging the soil around their
tender feet, watering during dry conditions,
and cheering on with words of encouragement
in every passing.

The pumpkins produced gorgeous vines...but
only two pumpkins. I am happy though....we will have one for each set of stairs...
Now we patiently await the ripening from green to orange.

The tomatoes....oh the tomatoes....I ate my FIRST tomato in September! WHAT???!!!!

Then I talked to friends in town who also picked their
first tomatoes in September....which made me feel so much better....less of a garden failure :)
Can you believe these are the plants today?
Do they realize it's the end of September....and frost is soon going to nip 
their lush leaves with a silver flash.?

And then suddenly, while I was patiently being patient,
autumn blossomed before my eyes.
The Goldenrod is flourishing like I have never seen it.
(Today I learned it is a member of the Aster family.)

And with the chill of the air, and the turn of the calendar,
came a sorrow for the season that has passed, and a joy for the seasons ahead.

Today I realized that patience 
is the thing you develop
sometime between sunrise and sunset.


Happy 79th Birthday to my Mom :)


Chasing the Sun

I chased the sun last night.

I grabbed my camera around 6:00 p.m..

Friday nights lend themselves to

I couldn't recruit any companions.
My kids were laying like 
blobs on the couch...with fall allergies/colds, tired from a week of 
school. School is so much more stressful than when I was growing up.

I let them rest and headed out alone on this 80 degree day.

I started at the lighthouse...a quick 2 minute drive....

The sun was bright and inviting, the shadows long.....

Boats bobbed on their impending
 hurricanes this year allows for 
a bit later season of autumn sailing and boating.....

Next I headed to the town beach 2 minutes down the road....

The sun was glowing and cast a natural flash
onto the harbor...

It was a peaceful scene.....gulls overhead....

I walked over to the pier and delighted in this scene tucked down below the rocky wall...

....15 years living here....swimming lessons every summer....and I never knew 
these gems were tucked in
safely down below.....

The steel blue waves lent themselves to
a Friday night of dreaming....

The town beach was empty and basked in a glow....

....leaving me craving those lazy summer days 
with our quilt spread out on the warm sand...smiles and splashes...

I headed back to the lighthouse but stopped to catch a few views along the way...

...a safe inlet of mossy green grasses....

It reminds me of a childhood playing in the marsh and picking sea lavender...

It was so quiet here.
An osprey flew overhead, its shadow 
startling me at first....

...a local's buoy and clam or mussel trap lay safely 
tucked in.....

....the tidepool hiding the life that abounds here....

I returned to the lighthouse as the sun dipped down
in a glorious ball of fire.

It engulfed the sky in a warm glow... final glimpse. Chasing the sun.

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