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Who Needs a Radio?

School's in.
It was a decent week. My feet hurt, my voice is tired...
but I think we are off to a good start.

When I get home in the afternoon I give my sweet Stormy
a treat and a hug and then pop to the garden for a very quick check and an even faster 
photo or two with my phone.

But it's the ride home each day that has been interesting.
I don't have a long commute. I teach in the town I grew up in...15  minutes door to door in good traffic.
I only mind it in winter when I leave in the dark or drive on black ice or in a snowstorm.
Other than that, I am very lucky!

But recently my commute has become different.
The radio in my 2002 Volvo Wagon stopped working this summer.
One day dancing at the stop sign, next day...a whole lot of nothing.

And I'll tell you, it's true that sometimes you don't miss something til it's gone.
I am so used to listening to the radio that sometimes I actually think I am hearing a song. It's like a ghost song. It's like the feeling you have when you have been wearing your sunglasses on your head, have taken them off, and you have the sensation they are still there.

But today on the way home I was enjoying the peace.
I was enjoying the late August sunshine, windows down, comfortable breeze.
And I was thinking about the seasons.
When I think about my life, I feel like I have lived through soooooo many seasons. So many winters and many summers and falls. A bazillion right?

But then I thought of my age ( comments please), and I suddenly realized how small I really am.
Forty seven summers? That's it? But I have so many summer memories....all the way back to the diaper man delivering diapers for my baby brother. Only 47 years worth. Wow.

You may think I am kidding, but I am not.
As James Taylor wasn't there to entertain Carol King, no Pink, no Vivaldi, no Dave Mathews...
my mind was processing....over-processing perhaps, that the number of years I have experienced seasons just doesn't match up with the vast catalog of memories that sit so close to the surface.

So I spent my almost 20 minute commute (Cape Cod holiday weekend traffic) contemplating this.

And I have decided that the mind is much more amazing than I ever thought it was.
I have decided the brain is a rock star.

And I am so excited by the brain's ability to store memories almost as well as Dewey Decimal, that I am now thinking of all the seasons I will create new memories...more smiles, more laughter, more hugs.
And I can't help but dance.


  1. I've got nine years on you. I haven't turned on my radio in at least five years. I like the silence. You've still got pretty flowers. Mine are pretty much gone. Except for the rampant vines. They're monstrous.

  2. That's amazing. I swear these quiet moments bring sheer brilliance!!!!!

  3. lovin everything about your blog right's blogalicious...
    have a great autumn as we enter our amazing spring here on the sunshine coast of sunny queensland Australia
    Bec x

  4. Beautiful pics girl and until you get it fixed bring in ipod or pad or something. No need to contemplate too much lol!!

  5. I listen to my iPod plugged into the car stereo or I listen to NPR, but when I was teaching, I often listened to nothing. The sound of silence was refreshing after a day spent with middle school kids.

    It is funny that your wrote about the brain because I am working on a post about the brain and creativity.

    But, my pictures won't be as wonderful as yours because my garden looks like The Tasmania Devil has run through it which is happening at least once a day. I tell myself that Lulu will grow up (oh, not too quickly please) and she will no longer tear through the garden at full speed.

    I have started coaching my volleyball team and am back at school in the afternoon and my drive back home is 6 minutes - I just can't get it down to 5 no matter how fast I drive.

    Enjoy your long weekend.

  6. Your pictures for this post are beautiful! I remember those first few weeks of school and how exhausted I was...don't miss that.

  7. I am 44 and the older I get the more amazed I am by life.

  8. Isn't it wonderful how the silence allows the mind to think. We are always so plugged in that silence seems to be a bonus your images!

  9. Really beautiful post...and you're just a spring chicken! I just turned 56...five decades, six in the world did that happen!!!

  10. Your garden is also a rock star.. you must be a very hard worker! Our farm garden is so ... umm.. wild? Enjoy your peaceful rides to work and home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. a beautiful post! your garden is so gorgeous.
    i've lived through quite a lot more seasons than you, so i consider you young ;)

  12. Thought of you as we were sitting on the beach in Saco, Maine today, there was a couple walking a pug, he was just adorable, and he loved the ocean! He was diving into the waves! So then I proceeded to tell my hubby about Stormy, her health ordeal & her birthday. He thought she must be an amazing little girl!

    Your talk about the brain being amazing reminded me of a discussion I had with my GYN before surgery, and how we both agreed the human body is amazing. She said that's why she's a doctor & I told her how much I appreciate learning about technology, which is why I'm a technology teacher!

    I teach in the town I grew up in too, while we don't live there, I still love it & I feel protective of it! It's very different from when I was a child, but I love it!

    You garden photos are lovely!

  13. Good morning sweet friend! I start on Tuesday, but all this week was district meetings and classroom prep. I so hear ya about the aching feet, but we then get back into shape in a few weeks. Your photos today are fabulous, that drooping sunflower is pregnant with seeds, memories and hopes for a new cycle of life.


  14. what beautiful pictures your Zinnias are stunning and your garden prolific!
    My husband is a teacher and we start next week here. I hope your class gives you many happy moments as I am sure you have in store for them!

  15. I just love this post. Deep thinking and beautiful pictures!

    When it isn't 105 degrees, I enjoy riding without the radio. It's nice to hear the birds and bugs. Lately I've thought about the seasons too but from a little different perspective. My dad is sick and I've been helping him. My mind is on how I don't want my seasons with him to end.

  16. Another set of gorgeous photos... and maybe 15 minutes is just the right amount of time to quietly ponder your own thoughts.

  17. Good for you for turning that negative into a positive! :)

  18. Yes, to everything. I find myself turning off the noise more and more. There is so much beauty in the silence. Thanks for joining in.


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