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Monday Garden Walk and a Favorite Thing

{First off, I only had my phone with me please forgive the photo quality}

I took an early morning walk in the garden.
The garden was shaded, a sign that fall is just around the corner.
I had just put out the trash and recycling. And as I did, I thought about the fact
that I will do this one more time at this casual pace before school starts.
It's the same thing I think about as I raise the shades each morning and
let the sunlight flood the kitchen and dining room.
The "one more times".

You see, once school starts, I don't do this til I get home around 3:30ish.
My husband, also a teacher, leaves about an hour and a half after me.
But he is not a lift the shades kind of guy.
Or a clean up the breakfast dishes kind of guy.
(But he does grocery shop, so I am not complaining!)

I guess what I am getting at, is I love my summer routine.
Sunshine, fresh air, gardening.
A 9 and 14 year old in and out to play with their friends.
I love making pancakes and muffins in the morning.
I love being able to brush my
 daughter's hair, (I leave at 6:20 and she is still asleep)
I love giving Stormy an extra pat, or an extra treat.
I love having time to write and create and dream

Last year when I wrote about missing these things, someone
told me in a comment I was selfish. I was so offended. Yes, I let it get under my skin.
How can creating a loving home and being with your kids be selfish?
How can wanting to write and create and bake and organize be selfish?
How can wanting to learn to make a fishbone braid or
wanting to run homework to school be selfish?

I don't want to sit home and eat bon bons. (Although I do love bon bons).

Thanks to the friends I have made here on my blog for listening.

I hope my flowers cheer you this Monday morning.
They always lift my spirit.
I will fill a small jar for my classroom desk.

And as I teach Math and Science I will glance at their beauty and
color, texture and shape, and I will remember the early sunshine,

the lush green vines, and the smiles and laughter.

I will remember the morning dew...

and sleepy smiles at the breakfast table.

And every weekend, we get to relive it again.
Sweet summer memories across the seasons.

And, just because I am hooked:

Sparkling Perrier with Grapefruit.

Happy Monday!


  1. Just because you want time to be yourself does not mean you are selfish. Balancing time for everything that demands your attention sometimes leaves very little time to nourish your soul. I also taught and remember those busy days. Now that I'm retired I have all the time I ever need to do only theses things that I want to do. Someday you will be there too and will look back on those busy times with longing. Your garden is amazing!

  2. I am big on "one more time" moments. And, I savor little routines like you.

    Now with Little Lulu, I am savoring her puppyhood, lifting her and loving her as much as I can because I know she will be too big to lift soon.

    Enjoy your school year and savor the weekends.

  3. I want to find that Perrier. PS - I've had the luxury of staying home with my kids and though I couldn't have done it any other way (bows to you who did it, you have my respect), my biggest regret is that I wasn't able to have a career to go back to when the kids grew up.

  4. Love all your images.. no need to apologize for iPhone photos.. they're awesome! I use mine all the time - it takes GREAT images! Did you know the rumor is that there will be a new one in September? I'm excited as my contract was up in June. As for someone calling you selfish.. what a dork! I can't imagine anyone putting a criticism in a comment.. grrr. I know your pup will get better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. your garden & flowers are beautiful! great pics~

    enjoy your day~


  6. And because you've earned it and worked hard! No, I don't think wanting to be with your family is selfish at all! As much as I love my job, if I won a million dollars and could stay home I would! I love my little home and my little family!

    Your garden is beautiful!

    I buy Perrier by the case and I've never seen that one . . . now I'm on a mission! I do mix it with lemonade or blueberry juice now and then!

    Enjoy your vacation, we go back on the 26th!!!

  7. You are not at all selfish you are simply someone who appreciates her life and treasures every moment. Nothing wrong in that. Dont let them get you down. Lovely blog and beautiful photos. Those flowers have cheered me up no end.

    Gill xx

  8. What a beautiful garden. You are wise to cherish those moments. You never get them back. Enjoy the rest of your summertime activities. They sound divine.

  9. Why, oh why, does the summer go by so fast? Of course you are not "selfish": pay no mind, as they say here in the South! Your garden is lovely, your children are happy and your life is good. As another commenter wrote, some day you will look back on these busy days with a sort of envy. I look back to my child-at-home days, of working, of trying to find the time for me, and I am amazed I was able to do it all. My days are once again very very busy, but the demands come from me, not others. You will arrive here also!

  10. YOUR PHOTOS SAY IT ALL my sorry to be late, but back to school meetings have begun! Love those sunflowers, don't you? Anita

  11. Love this post! There is just something special about summer, isn't there? The break from routine, the leisurely pursuit of hobbies, the casual, lazy days with kids. It is quite nice! Good luck on getting back to your fall schedule!

  12. It is definitely important to take the time to savor life's sweet moments :)

  13. Selfish?!? What nonsense! The summer is a special time and you fill it with very important things. There are very few people on this planet that wouldn't miss that way of life come fall. Thanks for sharing your walk, such beautiful scenery.

  14. What you are describing is living. How can that be selfish. That don't make any sence what that person said other than she does not do any of these things. So she has to make you feel bad that you have a good life. You keep doing all the things that you enjoy. I'm a stranger to you, but I want you to be happy. That person is the one who is selfish.
    Go live your life,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  15. These photos are gorgeous. Made me feel good. Keep snapping.

  16. The poor spirit who deemed
    you selfish is someone in dire
    need of a wake up call. The
    things you write about needing
    and loving are all part of this
    lovely blessing called LIFE. I'm
    glad you were able to cast such
    an aspersion aside and carry on.

    I feel the longing in your heart.
    Life is such a short journey, even
    though it sounds long! Follow your
    sweet heart, if at all possible. I think
    we regret the chances NOT taken, more
    than the ones we do take that might
    not work out.....

    xo Suzanne


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