Prince Snow Farm


All Grown Up

Some of you may remember back in 
April all of the "activity" going on in our yard.

Well proud mama was parading her sweet babies around this morning.

The only problem was I was still in my pj's, so I had to
photograph them from the porch.
After all, you wouldn't want me to 
scare away the turkeys AND the neighbors.

They were getting quite a breakfast in the field.

Mama watched and listened.

Oops, then she spotted me in my turquoise jammies.
I'm sure this is  a "Are you going to get dressed, or what? face.

The blue hydrangeas added a great foreground to the photos.

All came to attention when a hawk flew overhead.

Then back to breakfast they went....busy, busy....

Mama and her brood.

Hey, how come she gets to stay home?


  1. awwww what fun to watch! we too had a mama and babies go through our yard and into the woods but i haven't seen them since :( i tried to follow your link to read about the events in april, but the link wouldn't open~



  2. How amazing to have turkeys living in your garden, i think they are lovely birds and not at all ugly or scary, sometimes i wonder how i can eat one each year for Christmas Lol
    Lovely blog by the way, and nice to meet you

    Gill x

  3. teeeheee.....WE HAVE WILD TURKEYS HERE TOO, in the city! YEAH! We were walking the other morning and our neighbor's two westies were barking up a storm. Why? They had cornered a lone turkey! But we have a brood of them that travel up and down the street. I call them THE SISTAHOOD. LOVE IT! Anita

  4. Oh my gosh:) so much fun here this morning:) How cute is that to see them running around! The pretty hydrangea is the perfect styling backdrop! ..and yeah.. why do they get to stay home:):) Great photos and I've enjoyed following you on instagram!

  5. Hey...I have followed you for months on Instagram and just came over to your following you here too..maybe you can come visit me and follow too. I always love your Instagram pics..
    Love, Mona

  6. So cute! My mamma turkey's babies are a lot smaller than yours are... but they are terribly cute to and fun to watch out foraging in the field.
    Thanks for sharing...
    Hugs and enjoy your weekend my friend,
    Beth P

  7. The photos with the picket fence, hydrangeas and the turkeys are just wonderful. What an idyllic place.

  8. Going out in your pajamas was worth it. You got some amazing pictures. :)


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