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Who Needs a Radio?

School's in.
It was a decent week. My feet hurt, my voice is tired...
but I think we are off to a good start.

When I get home in the afternoon I give my sweet Stormy
a treat and a hug and then pop to the garden for a very quick check and an even faster 
photo or two with my phone.

But it's the ride home each day that has been interesting.
I don't have a long commute. I teach in the town I grew up in...15  minutes door to door in good traffic.
I only mind it in winter when I leave in the dark or drive on black ice or in a snowstorm.
Other than that, I am very lucky!

But recently my commute has become different.
The radio in my 2002 Volvo Wagon stopped working this summer.
One day dancing at the stop sign, next day...a whole lot of nothing.

And I'll tell you, it's true that sometimes you don't miss something til it's gone.
I am so used to listening to the radio that sometimes I actually think I am hearing a song. It's like a ghost song. It's like the feeling you have when you have been wearing your sunglasses on your head, have taken them off, and you have the sensation they are still there.

But today on the way home I was enjoying the peace.
I was enjoying the late August sunshine, windows down, comfortable breeze.
And I was thinking about the seasons.
When I think about my life, I feel like I have lived through soooooo many seasons. So many winters and many summers and falls. A bazillion right?

But then I thought of my age ( comments please), and I suddenly realized how small I really am.
Forty seven summers? That's it? But I have so many summer memories....all the way back to the diaper man delivering diapers for my baby brother. Only 47 years worth. Wow.

You may think I am kidding, but I am not.
As James Taylor wasn't there to entertain Carol King, no Pink, no Vivaldi, no Dave Mathews...
my mind was processing....over-processing perhaps, that the number of years I have experienced seasons just doesn't match up with the vast catalog of memories that sit so close to the surface.

So I spent my almost 20 minute commute (Cape Cod holiday weekend traffic) contemplating this.

And I have decided that the mind is much more amazing than I ever thought it was.
I have decided the brain is a rock star.

And I am so excited by the brain's ability to store memories almost as well as Dewey Decimal, that I am now thinking of all the seasons I will create new memories...more smiles, more laughter, more hugs.
And I can't help but dance.


My 500th Post...and a giveaway

Well, it is officially my last day of summer vacation. We ended school late due to blizzards and hurricanes, and we are starting early to prevent us from ever ending that late we had a bit of a short summer. But short as it was, it was still exciting and busy: gardening, the kids going to swim and golf, Stormy's illness. We didn't go on any vacations this summer, but we truly enjoyed just being home. The kids played outside almost every day. We grilled and 
watched a few movies or played games, baked cookies, picked flowers.....

And of course I have been busy with what I like to call "Operation Reclaim Your House".  I have been cleaning closets, donating, yard saling, and Ebaying. We will be changing our playroom back to a dining room, but boy has it been a lot of work so far.  I look forward to the painting stage, and I am sure I will be asking you all to weigh in on color choices! We also want to paint our bedroom and N's bedroom. We will see what actually comes to fruition.

This is a tricky time of year, (here I go again), because life goes from busy to crazy in 60 seconds. It's also an emotional time of year. It's hard to leave the kids, hard to leave Stormy after she has been so sick. I mourn the odd things like shade raising, dewy green wellies and coffee while blog reading. I will miss the cicadas buzz and the catbird following me to the garden. September blurs by and brings us the glow of October; a slower pace, the thrill of harvesting pumpkins and visiting the apple orchards.

And now, here I am writing my 500th post!
I never dreamed 5 years ago that I would still be blogging.
I started blogging because I was reading a lot of fashion blogs.
Hmmm, I thought...I can do this.

But as time progressed, so did my subject matter, my writing, my photography, my life.

This blog has evolved into an extension of me. 

It's about my family, my home, my garden.

It's about things that make me smile....but I am also realistic, and have come to share the sad or upsetting moments of my life as well. That is mainly due to the comfort I feel knowing I am surrounded by people who truly understand. 
Thanks so much for making this blog a place I know I can go ANYTIME and I will feel a breath of fresh air surging through my lungs. I know I can write or tell a story, or share a moment, and you will listen, perhaps comment, and understand.

Of course, I couldn't let my 500th post go by without a giveaway!

I wanted it to be things that represent me and my blog.
So I am giving away:

5 packs of zinnias (packed for sow them!)
2 round vintage bird embroideries
1 vintage afghan

To enter:

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite summer moment. 
You must be a follower of my blog, or follow with google+ (see side bar)

I will draw a winner on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 12noon eastern.

Good Luck!

And I will leave you with one final tip:

Bring in those herbs as the weather grows colder....line up the jars on your windowsill, and enjoy watching the herbs take root. A perfect kitchen herb garden.

Happy 500th post my friends!


Monday Garden Walk and a Favorite Thing

{First off, I only had my phone with me please forgive the photo quality}

I took an early morning walk in the garden.
The garden was shaded, a sign that fall is just around the corner.
I had just put out the trash and recycling. And as I did, I thought about the fact
that I will do this one more time at this casual pace before school starts.
It's the same thing I think about as I raise the shades each morning and
let the sunlight flood the kitchen and dining room.
The "one more times".

You see, once school starts, I don't do this til I get home around 3:30ish.
My husband, also a teacher, leaves about an hour and a half after me.
But he is not a lift the shades kind of guy.
Or a clean up the breakfast dishes kind of guy.
(But he does grocery shop, so I am not complaining!)

I guess what I am getting at, is I love my summer routine.
Sunshine, fresh air, gardening.
A 9 and 14 year old in and out to play with their friends.
I love making pancakes and muffins in the morning.
I love being able to brush my
 daughter's hair, (I leave at 6:20 and she is still asleep)
I love giving Stormy an extra pat, or an extra treat.
I love having time to write and create and dream

Last year when I wrote about missing these things, someone
told me in a comment I was selfish. I was so offended. Yes, I let it get under my skin.
How can creating a loving home and being with your kids be selfish?
How can wanting to write and create and bake and organize be selfish?
How can wanting to learn to make a fishbone braid or
wanting to run homework to school be selfish?

I don't want to sit home and eat bon bons. (Although I do love bon bons).

Thanks to the friends I have made here on my blog for listening.

I hope my flowers cheer you this Monday morning.
They always lift my spirit.
I will fill a small jar for my classroom desk.

And as I teach Math and Science I will glance at their beauty and
color, texture and shape, and I will remember the early sunshine,

the lush green vines, and the smiles and laughter.

I will remember the morning dew...

and sleepy smiles at the breakfast table.

And every weekend, we get to relive it again.
Sweet summer memories across the seasons.

And, just because I am hooked:

Sparkling Perrier with Grapefruit.

Happy Monday!


All Grown Up

Some of you may remember back in 
April all of the "activity" going on in our yard.

Well proud mama was parading her sweet babies around this morning.

The only problem was I was still in my pj's, so I had to
photograph them from the porch.
After all, you wouldn't want me to 
scare away the turkeys AND the neighbors.

They were getting quite a breakfast in the field.

Mama watched and listened.

Oops, then she spotted me in my turquoise jammies.
I'm sure this is  a "Are you going to get dressed, or what? face.

The blue hydrangeas added a great foreground to the photos.

All came to attention when a hawk flew overhead.

Then back to breakfast they went....busy, busy....

Mama and her brood.

Hey, how come she gets to stay home?



 For those of you who do not know, this is Stormy, our almost 2 year old pug.

Isnt she the sweetest?

Stormy became very ill this summer, and after many attempts at diagnosis, she finally found her way to a veterinary neurologist in Weymouth, Massachusetts who
after an MRI and a spinal tap diagnosed her with Inflammatory Brain Disease.

We were so sad, so heartbroken. She was lethargic, unresponsive to food, 
and unable to walk correctly, or even stand at times.

It has been a few weeks now since her diagnosis. She is on prednisone, and has had a remarkable recovery. Well, not so remarkable actually. Why?


1.  She is a strong-willed pup

2.   Prayer.  People all over the world have contacted me through Instagram and on this blog to let me know that Stormy is being prayed for in their churches. Families are asking for updates and are wanting to see more pictures. Wow. All this for our Stormy.

I can say that when she was very ill, my heart physically ached for this little furball. 
She is like my third child. She is sweet and gentle and playful. 

We have been home all summer with her.
I am having a hard time even thinking about leaving her in a few weeks.
But I will get home early from teaching, so I will be able to 
be with her. Actually, she could probably use the peaceful sleep time. Now she mostly follows me around as I do laundry or dishes, etc....

She will be on the prednisone a few more weeks, and then we will decide if we 
want to give her a chemo shot. Apparently her bone marrow is running amuck, leading to swelling around her brain.

Stormy still doesn't do her "pug run" around the kitchen at a maniac speed, and doesn't really play.
But she seems happy, eats well, sleeps well, and is LOVED.

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, inquiries and prayers.

(And a piece of advice: get pet insurance.)

See Stormy on Instagram: @princesnowfarm, @stormymypug

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