Prince Snow Farm



I picked a smidge of 
lavender today.
Then I pleaded with a 9 year old to go get prettified
so I could take a few pictures.

She graciously consented while
I made her strike a pose...

...and show me those big blue eyes...

She was very patient.

She asked to pick a lily for her hair.
The asiatic lilies are so pretty!
Even prettier tucked behind C's ear.'s the real girl...

Peace Mom.

How's this?

Boogy Woogy Woogy....

Sing it babe!

I CAN get that leaf!

Mid cart wheel.

Striking a pose on the stone wall.

Sorry about the two mosquito bites!
Thanks for making this mama smile.


  1. Your girls are so pretty! It seems kids can make a thousand faces! I just found your blog and I am loving it!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden...the lavender is gorgeous! :)


    1. Aw thanks Blondie! You will see LOTS more of our garden as the season progresses....although a bit behind schedule! Glad you stopped by!

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  3. Loved the pictures. Your lavender is so beautiful.

  4. You had me at the words "I picked a smidge of lavender today".

    That just sounds idyllic.

    I cleaned and organized my creative space today . . . all day . . . I'm not done. I think instead I should have picked some lavender.

  5. Adorable little model there! I have some lavender, but they are little 1 inch poufs.. I need to get some like yours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. My fav is the pic on the swing! What a good sport C was!

  7. What a cutie pie! Great shots!

  8. What a sweetie..Love how the personality came out at the end.
    Your lavender looks so pretty, I can smell it now. xo

  9. Good morning sweet daffodil!

    I have been away from Blogland for about a week, having spent time in California with family. How GORGEOUS is your blue-eyed beauty here, and the lavender against her beautiful face only highlights those baby blues! Are you having a fun summer? WE SURE ARE! All the rain has made our place a paradise and I'm taking all I can get from this lush life now!

    Big hugs and so good to be home....Anita

  10. She's adorable. I like the shots of her being her :)

  11. Adorable! It takes me back to when my daughter was 9 - great age! So fun!

  12. Sweet one! So good to see you stroll by to visit! You know, I truly believe that if we do acts of kindness to whomever as we go along our way, we are inching closer and closer to what we were all meant to be. We all have different goals and passions, and as we try our best to pursue them, perhaps as we are traveling that road, we can render a service that is UNEXPECTED by the receive as well as by us, the giver. Not only does that enrich US, but it sprinkles our path with a more meaningful part of us.

    You are right....upon visiting a beloved relative who is now in that age range of the 80s, this person's life is full of beautiful service to us, her beloved relatives. But also is her life full of regrets, but aren't all of us prone to that? All we can do is live a life of love and service, determination and beauty.


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