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Saturday Afternoon in the Garden

Today was a picture perfect day.
High 70s, a breeze, dry air.
My favorite weather.

The garden is FINALLY filling in
after the quirkiest growing season
I have encountered.

The zinnias have
started to flower.
You will see an endless stream of zinnia
photographs for the rest
of the season, as they are my favorite to photograph.

The hummingbirds will soon return to their petals.

Nodding Onion, a perennial, delicately sways
on the afternoon winds...
A crown of fairytale flowers meant only to be
worn by the resident garden fairy....

The sedum has filled in nicely.

The hydrangeas are spilling over the fence.
A favorite hiding spot for a multitude of birds.

The Maple offers shade on my journey back to the house...
and always a swing or two!

The Hosta flowers are opening.

I love this violet tipped flower on the 
variegated leaf Hosta.

The Hibiscus flowers are
the prettiest I have seen on our topiary trees.
They are QUITE early...tradition usually tells us fall
is on its way when they bloom here.
Hopefully not true! (yet)

The Limelight Hydrangea is a MONSTER!
I pruned it heavily after the hurricane winds last fall,
only to have it grow a foot in all directions
this spring.
It may need a trim, as it is partially blocking our entrance to the sunporch.
(and will soon be covered with an assortment of pollinators)

Its branches stretch towards the door...

And at last I have our first harvest.
Green Beans!

Happy Sunday!


  1. And a happy Sunday to you, sweet thing! This has indeed been a very odd season, as we here are having 50s-60s temps! TOday it's supposed to reach about 70 so we're going out for a walk. Love your garden so much! Anita

    1. 50s and 60s! Oh my! Ill take the 70s! Thanks for always visiting my garden!

  2. What a lush garden you have. Everything looks so healthy and well taken care of. Zinnias are such a delight at this time of year. Pretty in a vase on the table as well as in the garden.I didn't plant them this year...I'll miss my bouquets.
    Have a nice Sunday,

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support Balisha! Raining again today, so im glad I snapped those photos yesterday!

  3. You have such beautiful flowers! Seeing your Sedum reminds me that I need to plant some next spring!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Funny thing is one did great, one....not so much!

  4. My hibiscus has been blooming bright red for months and I love it. On the other hand, my hydrangeas are barely flowering.

    I love that onion flower and don't know what sedum is. I think I need to take pictures from your blog post to the nursery with me.

    1. Sedum is so easy to grow, and doesnt mind a dry soil. Its got succulent leaves. It will bolo in late summer, right into fall. Mine blooms a pinkish red color. They are also called stonecrops. Nodding Onion is also called Ladys Leek, and is in the Allium family.

  5. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. I need a Limelight Hydrangea! I'd also love some of those beans! Enjoy your beautiful season.. fall is closing in fast. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. The limelight is beautiful. It only lookes lime in color while blossoming, then it looks more white. It is amazing. Also, never droops in the sun, which is a plus on this southern side of our house.

  6. Home grown vegetables are the best! I made a huge pot of Ratatouille from my father-in-law's garden over the weekend. I'm sure your green beans are delicious :)

    1. I saw a recipe for fried green beans on a pub food site! Sounds so good.

  7. What a treasure trove of goodies for the eyes, taste and spirit! I'm a big fan of zinnias too, take tons of pix of them. ;0)

    I'd love to pin that pic of your garden. It looks amazing!

  8. Oh my goodness, your gardens just couldn't be any prettier. You've had highs in the 70s...we've had 102 a few times. What a difference and we have many of the same plants! No wonder I have to water so much. I love zinnias too. We can actually still plant the seeds and they will bloom until October. Must put that on my to-do list.

    1. Well it was perfect! But only lasted a day....and that was after a week of heat wave 95 and very humid, so this quirky weather was welcomed! I was a watering machine last week...then it rained, then sun, then rain....a very weird summer. How cool that we have so many of the same plants!

  9. I’m sure I have told you this before but you have the most beautiful garden! I am so envious! When we are settled in Aus, I will definitely have to get some advice/tips from you!?

    1. Meghan, you are too sweet! When you move, please email me and we can chat! In the meantime, I may have to start researching Australian flora, as it is probably very different than Massachusetts!

  10. Your garden is just beautiful! I love seeing all the pictures on instagram too!


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