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I posted this on Instagram yesterday:

You know that moment when you are TOTALLY serious, but 
you add the line about laughing so that
people won't think you have absolutely lost your marbles?
Can you tell August is about to rear its ugly head?
I love my job.
(Keep repeating that over and over in my head)
This is my 22nd year teaching Math and Science
to 6th graders.


But I wish upon a wish that I could stay home.
I know, so do a lot of moms.
My kids are 9 and 14.
I have already wished away the days when 
I could stay home to nurture their every move.

But that doesn't stop me from wanting to be a stay
at home mom. Those of you who read my blog often, know that I have 
dreamed of this for MANY years.

I would love to have a chance to live my dreams.
To write. To photograph. To create.

I would love to explore every gluten free 
meal I could to make my daughter feel somewhat create a warm and welcoming have time to BE with my kids,
to explore with them, to play with them...instead of working all day and coming home to laundry and dishes....rinse....repeat.......

I would love to continue to develop my Etsy shop...a little at a 
time....a little each day....earning enough to 
buy the groceries...or new shoes for the kids....

Big dreams I know.
Maybe a bit selfish.
I know.

But I know you all listen so well,
and I can tell you, and you will nod and understand.

This morning I was alone.
Lots of sleepy heads.
I opened the windows early, and let the light stream in
on the wings of the mid-summer breeze.

My FAVORITE time of day.
Cicadas buzzing their constant tune.
Birds celebrating the dew on the leaves.
A soft breeze that lightly
strokes your arm
with a promise of 
maybe...and hope.....

Stormy is at my feet...
she feels so much better.

I hope you will enjoy my photo essay.
An exploration on early morning light.
My kind of joy.

Enjoy the day.


  1. Seriously beautiful post. I wish that for you, too. I cracked up when I saw that on ig yesterday (6wilson). But how true it is! And I totally understand.

  2. You know what, I am a teacher and a mom also. I loved was important and made a difference in the world. However, my favorite was and always will be my time with my boys. I hope you can find a way to make it happen. Some people seem to be able to. Your blog really is exceptionally pretty so hang in there...maybe read what others have said about making money with your blog and etsy. I've seen lots of people write those things.

    1. Stacey you are so sweet! I will hang in there! Thanks for the blog compliments...I would love my blog or Etsy to help sustain us!

  3. Feeling the longing behind your words here, wishing I could DO something to make your wish come true.

    1. Elizabeth, thanks for truly hearing me. Your sweet thoughts are plenty, and welcomed!

  4. You certainly have one of the toughest jobs, both at work and at home. Your post reminds me of a sociology class in college where other girls in the class looked down upon and criticized the stay at home role. I was quite shocked that many who advocated a choice for women to work and have it all didn't respect a women making a choice different than theirs. I personally think it's a wonderful thing and although I have no children (two legged varieties anyway), very much enjoy staying home and tending to the daily household chores. I hope that your wish comes true soon!

    1. Thanks so much Christy! I think there are two very strong viewpoints on staying home. I think we can still be strong and independent while nurturing and caring for the home! Thanks so much for your support!

  5. I think you should stay home for a few years at least... I was a sahm and then when the youngest was in 1st grade I got offered the job as the executive director of a non-profit and had that job for 15 years. But in retrospect, I kind of wished I'd turned the job down an stayed at home with my kids. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I wish it was that easy! We are both teachers....we just wouldnt have enough money to survive on one teacher pay. Im not complaining though. We are so lucky to enjoy the same vacations and summers together as a family. That has been a treasure!

  6. My dear friend,

    I know what you are saying. I have no children, but I've had to work all my married life (31 years). I'm a teacher too, so I resigned last year from my full-time post to write and sell art. Everything fell apart when my husband's job decided to start laying off teachers!!!!! I am totally grateful for the year I had to be free and work when I wanted, and I have been hired back into the district as a French teacher. My dreams to write are going to take a life-time. It is much harder than we think, and to be published is almost impossible at my age. I am totally a positive person, and one this is for sure: YOU LEARN LIFE LESSONS. I wish you the best in pursuing your dreams, and I am confident you will draw many important lessons for your life. KEEP US POSTED! Anita

    1. Your husband is a teacher too Anita? Same I totally get it! Yes, its about life lessons.But I dont think either one of us should give up!

  7. Dreams do come true. You can make anything happen if you just believe...

  8. it's hard work teaching and having your own kids! hope your wish comes true.

  9. Thanks so much! Appreciate the support! (and I love your Etsy shop!)

  10. It is very very very hard trying to do it all: we all (or most of us)have been there and are feeling for you. Maybe one consolation is that you ARE a teacher so have a bit of time off instead of a 5 day/week all year long? I know, it's not much to cheer about when you want so desperately to be out on your own completely.... I had my own firm (design studio) most of those years, so was very fortunate to set my own schedule. The huge downside of that was a very uneven income and the intense pressure to find clients! I guess there is no perfect solution.
    Your family is very lucky to have you as a Mom and wife!

    1. You are so sweet. I dont deserve all of those kind words. And I had just said that to Teresa in a comment, we are VERY lucky. We are both teachers and have all the vacations with our kids. Thant is very special.

  11. It's funny, I'm at the other end of things right now. I was a sahm/housewife for 9 years and am about to spend my 2nd year teaching pre-k. While I loved being a sahm I am so ready to work again. However, I knew that kids needed to be a part of my life no matter what so I feel lucky that I get to experience children again in my professional life.

  12. Yes we all do understand! :D Until 2010 I had the same dreams of being able to stay at home, OK, not the Mom part because that is one of those things I didn't get to do. But a blessing in disguise came in 2010 when I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and could no longer work. I took it all in stride and saw that on my good days I was able to play in my studio as long as my body said it was OK! Now I have that blessing of staying home and I can assure you it is wonderful to have that freedom despite the illness. I consider myself very lucky indeed! Your turn will come when you least expect it ... :D
    Beth P

    1. Beth, thanks so much. You have been through so much and have kept such a positive attitude! Playing in your that sounds fun!

  13. You never know what is down the road. Maybe your wish will come true. I worked for quite a while and then one day... decided to try working on my art work at home and selling for myself. I took a chance and it worked out so well. We had less money, but I was there at home, for my last child. I never regretted it.
    By the way, you have such a talent for writing...this post read like poetry.

    1. Balisha, thanks for your support. I would deal with less money if I had this chance! Thanks for complimenting my writing. That means a lot! Your writing is very inspirational!

  14. When you finish your novel you can stay at home and write, and enjoy your kids, and create for your shop.

    My favorite school schedule was starting mid July - stick with me here before you say NO.

    mid July to early October - 9/10 weeks followed by a 3 week vacation
    October - Christmas - 9/10 weeks followed by a 3 week vacation
    January - March - 9/10 weeks followed by a 3 week vacation
    April - mid June - 9/10 weeks followed by a 6 week vacation

    I NEVER burned out and halfway through the quarter, it had only be 4/5 weeks since vacation and the same until the next.

    ! was on that schedule for 12 years and so was my daughter - my son was in college. The district put it to a vote of the union and the football schedule won out over a wiser use of 180 days of school.

    Savor these last days of vacation and time with the kids.

    1. I love that schedule. It really can be about the burn out cant it. Things have changed a great deal in 22 years. The state and national requirements make it a little tricky to put your own spin on things. I still try though. I want the kids to remember these days! i know you understand!

  15. How special to know that someone with such good thoughts and dreams is teaching precious children! I hope your dreams come true someday, but what a loss it will be to the children.judy

  16. Oh I want all that for you too!!!!!

  17. I can understand you wanting to stay at home ,to take care of your family and yourself. Its not selfish. Its normal to feel that way. Its the way it should be. But though time when the cost of living rose so high...Women had to go to work whether they wanted to or not.I think you are wonderful. You are a teacher. Not everybody can do that. I surly could not.
    I wish one day ...all your dreams will come true. I am going to look at your Etsy shop now. I love Etsy.
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antoinette

    1. Yes, my mom had five of us then went back to work when the youngest was in kindergarten....mostly to feed all of those mouths! Thanks for supporting my dreams...I have wonderful friends here in Blogland!

  18. Funny and moving! I'm lucky that my work is something I can do at home while the kids are at school, but I didn't work much at all when they were small. At that time I wished I had some creative time to myself.

  19. This post made me think of this article I saw awhile back....

    Where there's a will, there's a way, right?:)

    And nothing could be less selfish! Loving your family and following your dreams, all sounds like the right things to me.

    Good luck,

  20. I love that Instagram post! WOuldn't it be nice to have someone to sponsor us to satay at home to get all of those things accomplished!? Let me know when you find it… :-)


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