Prince Snow Farm


Friday in the garden.

I finally picked some lavender and visited the garden.
It's been a tough, emotional week.
Stormy seems a bit perkier today. 
A wee bit, but we will take what we can get!

Enjoy a few garden images.
We are sweltering today in Massachusetts.
It's 92 degrees right now, with high humidity.
Next week promises seasonal temps, which I look forward to.


  1. Oh, I fear that we sent our hot and humid air your way! SORRY! Wednesday and Thursday were awful to the point that I could not spend any time out in my covered deck. But today there is a cooler breeze, but it's blown the heat to you!

    May your day be gentle my dear. LAVENDER? So soothing....Anita

  2. It's so hot here too(southern Ontario) but we are going to cool off this week-end after major thunderstorms in the forecast. I love the photos. hopefully Stormy will be better soon!

  3. Sorry you've had a rough week. I hope everything gets better. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I read your sweet comment about our sweet old dog and I appreciate it. I hope so much that Stormy is soon better.

  5. Have to read more about it and catch up. Sweltering as we were in the Outer Banks!

  6. That lavender is gorgeous! I hope your puppers continues to improve!


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