Prince Snow Farm



A month of heat and then cold....sun and rain...
meetings galore, birthdays and play dates, and school trips.
A month of soccer and track and 
sick puppies.

We are on our way to wave good-bye to our 14 year old as he 
leaves for a week-long school trip roughing it in the mountains.
(This year as a chaperone).

So I will leave you with my Instagram photos from the past week
 or so to catch up on June!

Garden is under way....

perennials popping....

...sad little eggs....

...forest flourishing....

...a glorious day of spring soccer....

very pretty strawberries.....

seeds planted

2013 garden map...done.

had some little totes made....

filled several large orders...







teeny tiny weeds

pretty hides the poison ivy

peeling paint...rustic is good?

Iris art

the start of a quinoa salad

a pug with what the vet
thinks are allergies...
can't keep her little tongue in...taking zyrtec...sad

lots of green

babies on the ferns
(stay outside sweet babies)

Sorry they aren't the clearest photos...

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Just spectacular! I looooooove your farm and garden pix and your artist's eye for your photography. Enjoy all that lush beauty!!

  2. YOU TOO My dear, are having tons of rain? We barely have had any sun, but lots of rain and now lots of green. Can't complain; no wild winds here so that is good! Your world looks fantastic, and hugs to you and the little pug with the allergies! Anita

  3. I am exhausted after finally finishing school (I am in charge of the promotion ceremony) and following up with a party for 100 to celebrate retirement. I am exhausted and reading my favorite blogs. Yours and Anita's (funny that she commented right before me) are my favorite blogs when I want to relax and read something soothing.

    Lovely photos and lovely words.

  4. Hi, Monica -
    I hope Stormy feels better soon. Poor thing :( Panda and Mocha send hugs!
    Your tote bag is so cute. Love the logo. Did you design it?
    And your ferns are loving all that rain. They are so lush and big - almost covering your beautiful bird bath.
    xx Loi

  5. OMGosh your blog is just awesome! I am so glad I found you... I was over at Art and Sand and saw your blog on her blog roll and just had to pop over for a visit! I live up in southwestern New Hampshire so we are kind of close... I do admit I envy your location! :D I am intrigued by your fencing design around your veggie garden... hmmm, might look pretty good around my veggie garden... I live in a converted barn on an old farm! Oh, and thanks for a new addiction, the Brahmin bags, OMGosh... and you live next to the factory outlet? I would be in sooooo much trouble and my sister-in-law would be even worse with her bag addiction! LOL! thanks for sharing, well, everything! I've just become a follower and really am looking forward to future posts!
    Beth P
    Harrisville, NH

  6. Your garden area is just so beautiful. I also love using Baker Creek Heirloom seeds.

  7. I had a hint of envy when I saw your garden plans ND. I bet it will be spectacular so do post some photos so I can garden vicariously! As I keep saying, one day we will have our own garden too. I'm sorry that Stormy is unwell - dogs eh! If it isn't one thing it's another but we still love them. I do like the tote bag you designed. I love all your photographs - what a pleasant, busy (in a nice way) life you lead my friend!
    Bye for now

  8. I think your photos are great...Love that rustic fence and the strawberry picture is wonderful.
    Looks like lots of goodies coming your way from your very large garden.

  9. I think you probably have the most beautiful and bountiful garden I have ever seen! Sounds like a seriously busy month for you!

  10. Sweet daffodil! YOU TOO? You too are having this non-stop rain?It is pouring buckets out here and has been for days. Thank you so much for coming to visit and yes, this is going to be one wet and BUSY summer!

    So many thanks for coming to visit me! Anita

  11. I love your little garden diagram. It's drawn so perfectly I'd pop it into a frame :)

  12. I love all of these pictures. I hope your son has fun on his trip! This was a really awesome post.


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