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 We have had several inquiries about
our rustic fence, so I thought
 I would share a
 bit about
the fence-making process.

Last spring,
we gathered vines
from the woods.
We call them "Tarzan Vines". 

They were quite thick, and
most had to be cut with a hand-saw.

After we had a good selection, we laid them
out across the lawn.  K had already
placed the posts in the ground.
The posts were trees from
the woods. A post hole digger, 
(and some serious muscle), 
was used to 
put the posts down about
three feet (or whenever we hit a rock).

We laid out string as a guide
for the height and width of the fence,
and tried to stay within
the string, or a little above or below.

We worked as a team,
one of us holding the vine, the other checking 
to see if it fit aesthetically.  If it didn't, we tried another until we were
happy with the look.
Then we used 3 inch deck screws to fasten
the twisted vines to the posts.

K also built an arbor with small tree branches from the woods.

We decided to use the vines on the front of the garden, 
and wrap mesh deer fencing around the rest.
(The mesh fencing doesn't
even show from the street.)

This was an early spring photo.
We were still working on the garden.
We had also planted
a row of perennials
along the inside of the fence.

We used leftover vines as tomato
cages for the volunteer cherry tomatoes from the previous year.
They produced amazing amounts of tomatoes.

Here is a view from the hill.
We had a terrible drought last summer.
This was late summer...we had finally had some rain and
the grass was starting to green up again.
(This is also the view the street.)

We were very pleased with the results, 
and look forward to sharing photos
from this year's garden!
(The photo below was taken
last weekend from our
front door.)

Have you built any garden elements
from nature?
Please share!


  1. I love this. It looks right out of wine country. It keeps the most beautiful rustic feel to your garden.


    1. Wine country....oh now I truly adore our fence!

  2. We haven't built anything like you have done, it is all so wonderful and even like something in a story book..(sigh). Those vines are really natural sculptures, amazing. What kind of vines are they?


    1. They are very old Bittersweet vines (you guessed Anita!)
      Thanks for saying it is out of a storybook....a tremendous compliment and graciously accepted

  3. This is absolutely charming. Though we have not used natural elements to built our garden scape, I do believe in going "green" with materials and you all have taken it to the limit! What a beautiful and original fence! As I look closely at the vines, they resemble our bittersweet vines that are die-hard vines that can take our crazy weather here! It snowed today and tomorrow it is expected that we get 2 inches of snow!

    What a refreshing change to come here and see spring in your backyard my dear! Anita


    1. Yes Anita, they are Bittersweet vines!!! Very old ones!

      Hope spring comes to your neck of the woods soon!

  4. So amazing and creative...I love it!

  5. That is so cool! I love it

  6. Beautifully aesthetic and practical. I love that you used materials from your own yard to create it. I don't envy you the size of your yard to take care of, but I love what you have done.


    1. Thanks. Once we get into a routine it is fine! We also have summers off as you know, so it becomes our summer job. I actually love weedwacking, mowing the front, etc...

  7. I'm sure it took many, many back-breaking hours, but it truly looks gorgeous. Love the leftovers helping the tomatoes, too!


    1. Thanks Pauline....I think the digging was the hardest, and therefore left that to K! I do adore the tomato cages as well!

  8. Oh my goodness...I wish we had a Tarzan Forest! The fence & Arbor are amazing! Such inspiration! Thannks for sharing! I will send this to a friend who is working on her garden plot!


    1. Thanks! I do expect to see him in there swinging one day soon. Yes, please forward to your friend!

  9. Hello Monica

    The fence is fascinating and so artistically installed. As your new follower, I look forward to future posts



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