Prince Snow Farm



As spring unfolds before my eyes
I feel a resurgence...

...the lilacs and lilies
greet us as we leave for work and as we return...

...the Allium's purple globe adds a pop
of color to a garden of fresh green leaves...

...the garlic is a foot tall...
reveling in the sunshine
after being covered
by winter's snowy white blanket....

...we have been planting and building...
this pea climbing structure was in process....
twine and another layer of bamboo were added....

...the Creeping Phlox
comes back again...ever faithful
at the foot of the white
Rose of Sharon topiary.

The Bleeding Heart 
is still going strong...
now surrounded by lush ferns...

....our lilacs succumbed to an impromptu
photo shoot during a moment's free time 
( the one of the week it seems....)

...then off to the neighbors ...

I made Dandelion Salve (surprised myself)
using this recipe from the Nerdy Farm Girl...a
new favorite site!

Last night we celebrated my dad's 81st birthday
with Chinese food at my parent's house.

I HAD to visit the double white Lilacs.

They are the most special
spring flower....

We attempted to propagate them, as they
are dwindling due
to a shady space... no luck.

We will try again perhaps.

What's your passion?

(All photos taken with my phone)


  1. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! First of all, thank you so much for participating in the France Link Party! It was sensational. And your gardens are looking sun-kissed, unlike OURS who have had to endure many a gloomy day, but with lots of rain.

    My garden passions are LUSH GREEN boxwoods with white puffy flowers. This year, that's what I have attempted and so far, it is glorious. Now to get a sunny day so the whites can actually sparkle! HAVE FUN! Anita


    1. Hello Anita! It was truly a pleasure taking part. So glad I had the opportunity! We have also been in the midst of gloom for a few days.I would love to see your lovely gardens...reminds me of a description of Loi's garden!

  2. My garden passion is the same as my indoor passion - COLOR. The garden is the first place I head when I get home to see what new flowers have bloomed. I love mixing my reds, yellows and whites with lavenders (the closest I can get to blue). A bad day at work (the custodian, not the kids) was wiped away once I was in my garden.

    I always love pictures of your garden and now I am off to Nerdy Farm Girls to see what it is about.


    1. I love that your art comes through in your garden as well as your home. You and Monet would have been kindred spirits! I hope you check out the Nerdy Farm Wife...she is doing so many things I would love to do!

  3. Beautiful photos! Our lilacs are all done blooming quite some time ago.


    1. Hi Elizabeth. Please take home a virtual bouquet from our garden!

  4. I am enjoying the lilac bloom twice now getting to see yours all new.. mine are spent. I wish they lasted longer! I have a white that I adore, too. I have 3 lavender ones, 2 dark purples and the white. We have a lilac test garden an hour away that is fun to visit. They have a blue tinted one and a pinkish one I'd like to have. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


    1. I am glad we could help!I would love a deep purple!

  5. That dandelion salve looks amazing!


    1. I have used it on my winter feet for 2 nights now and I am amazed at the results. Time for a second batch.

  6. Beautiful spring blooms. I love the fence.


    1. Thanks Barb! The fence is a favorite of mine as well!

  7. Your garden looks like such a wonderful place to be in the springtime. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful!


    1. Thanks Sara Louise! Come on over for a farm dinner!

  8. You have such a lovely yard. I bet the island is packed this weekend.


    1. Thanks Linda....and I bet Nantucket is crazy! Our little seaside town has already burst at the seams with summer folk.


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