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I have decided to help all of you out with
what to buy mom for Mother's Day this year.
But, I am going to approach it
in a very selfish manner.
I am going to share selections based on things I love.
After all, I'm a mom,
I love gifts.
It works.
Love this sign.
K and I are are both teachers, so this is our mantra!
Visit Stacy's shop, InMind4U

Absolutely adore Hoop Art.
So rustic, so in touch with nature.
Carolyn Manning at fuzzystitches
is so talented!
I need to learn to stitch!

offers this antique
tin hand-painted wall plate.
I am hooked on birds.
Obsessed actually.
Have been since I was a little girl.
23.98 USD
(This shop is in England)

Ok, so we are moving fast from
small, sweet, homemade gifts to
a miniature home.
But I can explain.
This shed, by Cape Cod Sheds, could house a myriad 
of tasks.  I could craft in it. Write in it. Dream in it.
We could use it to dry lavender and garlic.
(I mean you could...or your mom...wink wink)
Cost: Hmmmmm...not sure...
probably out of my budget....but maybe not out of yours!
Your mom, wife, sister would love this!

I am in love with these bands!
And so would any mom.
Hand-stamped by Cinnamonsticks,
your kiddos names...or mom, dad and the kids....
so many options!
18.00 per band

My go to every summer forever.
Comfy, stylish, perfect with
jeans, shorts, skirts, swimwear.

A funny movie is always a good gift.
Something's Gotta Give
is one of my favorites.
I actually managed to watch almost the whole movie 
one afternoon when K took the kids on some errands. Of course, when they pulled back
into the driveway, Diane Keaton was buck naked.
Another unfinished movie.
Usually I fall asleep before the end.
So maybe the movie, and
time to watch it would make a great gift.

Of course, I would take Diane Keaton's entire wardrobe from this movie as well.
Or at least one of her white turtlenecks, or the cardigan from the beach scene.
I'm just sayin'....
Check On Demand

Another personal favorite
is comfy bedding.
Bedding that makes you want to stay in bed all day.
(or go to bed really early).
These pretty embroidered hem pink pillowcases
Rachel knows how to do it right.
I have worshipped her shabby chic style for many years.
Pair 109.99

So there you have it,
my top picks for Mother's Day 2013.
I hope I have helped you with your shopping...or have helped you add a few things to your list !


  1. I'll take one of each. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I will take the adorable cottage-y shed and the flip flops, please. Somethings Gotta Give is one of my top fav movies and I have watched it over and over. There's something satisfying about true love being found with an over 50 woman instead of a twenty something one. And that house! Perfection!

    1. I love the movie too! Now I have to finish it!

  3. Good morning sweet daffodil!!!!!!! Though I am not a mom, I too am a teacher and that sign would be hanging somewhere in my classroom, but in FRENCH!

    That little shed.....oh my. I would convert it into a tea house and go there to read and write. Then those bands...OH YEAH! Give me a few with either scriptures written on them, or lines from a favorite poem or again, something in French. I must check out Cinnamon Sticks!

    Have a happy day out there in the beautiful world of yours! Anita

    1. Oh you have great ideas for these goodies Anita!

  4. I have that same shed picture on my blog. I love everything about it. I'm getting a juicer for my Mother's Day. My daughter wants one, and I need for me.

    1. Yes, it really is about making them happy!

  5. LOVE everything and I would love. love,love the shed! Can you imagine having a little summer house in the backyard?

    1. Ok let's split the shed. It can be a summer getaway. We can offer time-shares to our favorite bloggers!

  6. I'm asking first for the little house - probably larger than my entire cottage. Second is the bedding - in one month exactly I can just lie in bed all day if I want. Third would be the cute personalized bands. But instead, I am getting no tangible gift again this year. Four years ago my daughter KC and I started a tradition. On the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend I fly to San Francisco for breakfast with her and am back for dinner with Steve. This year I am breaking with tradition and spending the night. Just 6 more days!

    Hope you get all of the gifts.

    1. I LOVE your tradition! How lovely! And I am so jealous of you getting to stay in bed! You certainly earned it!

  7. I never think to get my mother movies but she would love that!

  8. I teach 2nd grade and our last day is the 15th of this month! Woot Woot! I enjoy my summers as well!

    1. What!!!! I am in u til June 27th!!!!! When did you start?

  9. ALL are wonderful, love the shed, rings and linens the best! Have a wonderful Mom's Day!!

  10. Enjoying all your posts immensely when my internet works fast enough! I've wanted to comment a few times but then my internet would die...really like the vine trellises and your poem! Brought tears to my eyes, I relate to so much of it! I'd love to try a Where I Come From poem sometime! I'd take ANY of the above gift suggestions! That little house is every writer, crafter, gardener,dreamer's dream, huh?

  11. oh wow you have given me tons to think about! Great ideas for myself!...or my mom!


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