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No, this isn't a post
about turkey salami, turkey
slim jims, turkey burgers, or
the amazing dinner
I am cooking today...
It's about the real thing.
The ones that were high
tailing it (literally) around
our yard early this Sunday

It's about boys showing off
the way boys do.
Feathers up and proud, waddle glowing
in the morning
It's about a 9 year old sweet girl
watching nature
(she is my nature girl),
and horrified that the Really tall boy
was standing on the girl
and killing it.
(she's ok)
It's about the stream of babies
we will see parading
out of the woods soon.
It's about me thinking I am Sooo
glad this wasn't
the video I chose to show my
6th grade class.
They are still snickering
over the mating squirrels scene
that lasted way too long!

Happy Sunday!


  1. teeeheeee.....I KNOW! So you teach sixth grade? I was a fourth grade teacher for nine years but now substitute at all levels. But when it comes to "science" and nature, one must keep a straight face when their faces start turning red and the giggles start!

    WE HAVE TURKEYS in our neighborhood all year! I just saw the "sisterhood" (that's what I call 'em) the other day in a neighbor's yard. Fascinating!

    Happy day! Anita


    1. yes, 6th grade (21 years). I would like to substitute. Here in Massachusetts, the laws have changed so much. It has become so much more stressful! The kids make it easy, the curriculum, not so much!

      Yes, we also have turkeys all year. I think the food chain is cycling around. Right now we have an overpopulation of turkeys, and not many coyotes. With this abundance of food, the coyote pop will soon surge and the turkeys will drop off will the bunnies and deer......

  2. LOL, that's so sweet!!! You gave me my morning chuckle! LOL!!! Love it when I see them a few days before Thanksgiving, and then they seem to lay low!!! So, are you making a turkey dinner?

    I had a 6th grade PDD student who passed gas - LOUDLY, and the entire 6th grade class erupted! Oh that was fun trying to quiet them! Especially the boys, they LOVE bathroom humor! Her para tried to explain to her that she shouldn't do that, and I tried to explain that it was a natural bodily function . . . then the para and I turned around and laughed!

    Have a great day!


    1. Thanks for laughing at my attempt at humor. My 14 year old does not agree!

      Yes, the boys do love the bathroom humor. Last year a similar incident in my class. It stunk up the whole room. I tried to keep teaching, as the kids were not reacting to it (amazing)...finally I said "You guys are killing me" and I headed to open a window. I did it so fast, that I forgot my 3 boxes of cubes were in front of the window. They went flying all across the classroom. In the end, they found more humor in my clumsiness.....

  3. I remember as a very young boy calling my father to come quickly because one pigeon was attacking another in our front garden!
    I have never seen 'wild' turkeys before. I didn't know that they looked like that. The females look sleek and peahen-like.
    I enjoyed this post and may the sun and Springtime come swiftly to your part of the world!

    1. I guess we have all made that mistake as children! I
      I guess we have all made this mistake as innocent children! I am hoping these loud, large birds stay clear of our gardens!

  4. Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. A lot of people do NOT like poetry, but I really appreciate anyone's attempt at least try to read it, let alone try to write it. I would love to see your rendition of where YOU are from ! Anita


    1. Hello again Anita! I do enjoy poetry. Perhaps a post for this week!

  5. I also have never seen wild turkey before either, what a lovely sight! The baby chicks must be a sweet!


    1. It's funny Ivan, we have been in this home for almost 15 years, yet years ago we saw ONE and couldn't believe it! It will all cycle around again I am sure!

  6. How lucky for you to have those turkeys visit! I love the gobble-y sound of turkeys. Great captures! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


    1. They were gobbling VERY loudly in the woods as well! The most amazing sight Teresa is when they fly....those big birds are remarkably graceful!

  7. Replies

    1. How true! And thank goodness for that! (still thinking about your bees and wishing I had it in me to start beekeeping this year....and a chicken coop...and the list goes on!)

  8. I'm catching up, as you can see ND! I loved your humorous touch with the wild turkeys. I taught third grade, so I've spent a lot of time with nine year olds over the years. I love that age! I've only seen wild turkeys a few times in my life, and they are really cool!

  9. Back when I was in school, I would have found mating squirrels hilarious! I probably still would :)


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