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On Sunday, 
I spent the afternoon and evening
out in the country, wandering through greenhouses,
chatting with new friends,
playing with flowers,
and sampling
amazing food!
(ok, and a fabulous cocktail or 2)

It was a Kinfolk Magazine
event: A Flower Potluck.
How unique!

Each of us brought an
armful of spring flowers
to a farm owned by
Eva Sommaripa, Eva's Garden, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
(my hometown).

The weather, more like a crisp fall day than a late April one,
blessed us with clear blue skies 
and just a touch of wind.

I decided to attend
at the last moment, 
encouraged by my husband who offered
to drive me, as my night vision is horrendous!

For those of us who
love to garden, it was love at first sight.
Rows of garlic, thick and healthy...
and way ahead of ours....

...beautiful structures
around every turn....

....greenhouses as far as the eye could see...
This one was wall to wall with Pea Greens...
soft, lush, and incredibly tasty.
(I believe this is Eva's top seller in the commercial end of the garden.)
Cozy place for a

Former executive chef at Boston's Beacon Hill Bistro, and owner of Bread and Salt Hospitality, 
Joshua Lewin, with his partner Katrina Jazayeri, 
set up a perfect, rustic chic scene in an
open area overlooking the kitchen gardens.

(Update 5/28/15: Josh and Katrina could really use your support as they build their latest destination eatery,"Juliet". Click here to support them!

Katrina's talent for 
"setting the scene" was apparent....hand-stenciled butcher paper
on the picnic table,
vintage silverware, glass jars with spring buds,
tealights, silver trays full of 
"Marie Antoinette" glasses....the details
made the scene
 pastoral, and easy.
(Thanks Katrina!)

There was a 
simple bar area
set up for cocktail hour...

San Pellegino Orange
Sliced Cucumber

Fresh, crisp, perfect.

Eva supplied us with
edible flowers...pansies, nasturtium,
and others I can't recall the names of....

Baby lettuce, so perfect,
lay in one of the
awaiting a local chef's
plan...though nothing fancy
 needs to be 
to make Eva's greens taste amazing.

We scurried around,
picking seasonal flowers,
daffodils and forsythia....

We combined
our new finds
with the blossoms
we had supplied...
keeping in mind our springtime May Day theme...
thoughts of delivering a bouquet to a friend
or a posy to a loved one.

Again, Katrina had remembered
the details,
supplying  us with canning
jars and  spools of twine to allow
our arrangements to 
of the landscape.

Josh delivered an afternoon
of culinary delight, 
preparing and serving us 
fresh, local flavors
from Eva's gardens.

We nibbled on the crusty bread,  gravitating towards the
 fire as the sun dipped down, 
bringing a chill to the air.

It was a treat to watch Josh preparing
our meal in Eva's massive brick oven.

First a Chilled Spring Greens Soup, topped with 
Shy Brothers Cheese (one of my their Hannahbells!)
The cool, crisp flavors, melted with the cheese, creating a creamy, palette pleasing experience.

Whole Chicken Poached in Plugra and Fenugreek,
cooked in the brick oven, was amazing. The crispy coated chicken,
perfectly cooked, and fork tender, was accompanied by
Brussel Sprouts with Sumac and Apple, and

Wood Roasted Fava Beans
Piment d'Espelette.

I am looking forward to cooking our fava beans this way...
the beans had loads of flavor. The French infused spice
gave one of my garden favorites a new slant.

We also had bowls of fresh greens 
which I think had a warm
dressing drizzled on them.

I left a bit earlier than the others,
yes, just as dessert was about to be served...
I believe they were creating an
amazing crust in the outdoor oven, with cheese and fig and raisins...
not sure, as I think this was a last minute creation.

I was tired at this point, my toes were frozen, and
I knew I'd be getting up at the crack of dawn, as school vacation
had screeched to a halt. And my lime green chariot was awaiting me(with husband at the wheel).

It was a lovely afternoon and evening of new acquaintances,
beauty of the natural landscape, and 
proof that simple, fresh ingredients, 
can change the way we look at 
food. ( Of course it helps if you are an amazing chef.)

Next time (hope there is a next time)....I would love a chance
to pick Eva's brain...when to plant, where to to expand,
how to know what direction to take. Eva gave an amazing description of bronze fennel, its flavor, the intensity of its flower, the ability to use the pollen as a condiment...
now that's what I need to know!

Now this is Serenity.

Please support Josh and Katrina in their latest venture, here!


  1. Your description along with the lovely photos, made me feel like was right there. I went to Kinfolk sight and looked up where the events were being held and found that next weekend there will be one in Portland Oregon..darn, I just got back from there yesterday so that's out. Perhaps next mouth is watering.

    Great post, thanks for taking us along. xo

    1. Thanks Sherri! I wanted to write about it while it was fresh in my mind! Aw, too bad you just missed the other dinner! Time to create your own I guess!

  2. Nothing is better than farm to table style. Sounds like something that I would have loved!

  3. A stunning day of flowers, gardens and food in Nantucket. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    1. Thanks! It was fun! (I adore Nantucket, but live on the mainland!)

  4. What a fun event to get to go to! Fabulous photos, by the way!


    1. It was unique! Thanks for the photo compliment, I only had my phone!

  5. Serenity, flavor, color, FUN! Oh dearest, this is a treat. HAPPY DAY! Anita


    1. Thanks Anita! It was a sensory explosion!

  6. I want to live and share experiences with people who think like this. What a beautiful evening. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I share this passion for food, nature, gardens.....a lovely treat!

  7. What a wonderful event, ND! I felt like I was there with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences and posting all the lovely photographs. I especially enjoyed the textures in the burlap bags, the vibrant green lettuce, and the old silverware.


    1. Hi FB! I wish you had been there for this fabulous afternoon! Yes, the burlap was so pretty!

  8. Goodness, it sounds and looks totally sublime. Even the name, Flower Potluck, is wonderful. I'm glad you attended and shared with us!


  9. Hi Pauline! Hope your book release celebration has been going well! The name is one of the things that attracted me!

  10. That greenhouse picture is amazing!! I've been asking for a greenhouse for awhile now - maybe for Mother's Day!


    1. Lowe's has very reasonably priced greenhouses. We bought a small one last spring for less than 100.00!

  11. Wow, how amazing to be a part of such an event!

  12. Now that is one amazing day you were privileged to attend! You got some stunning images. I'm at the Oregon coast for a week for my birthday, I put up some photos today in spite of dodgy internet, hope you pop over. Enjoy your Spring! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


    1. It really was Teresa!

      I will visit you after work today!

  13. Oh, that sounds like a perfectly lovely day. I don't know of anything like it in my area, but I sure would like to find one.


    1. Honestly, this is the first event like this I have ever been to...check out your local organic gardening pages online for farm to table dinners...

  14. Now that is an event I would love to attend. I never knew you could use much of bronze fennel. We used to get it but with little sell thru.
    Happy Spring


    1. Carole, all I knew was how lovely it was swaying in the breeze, and how it attracted some of the hugest wasps I have ever seen!

  15. Wow! I would have loved to go to that, it all looks so perfect and the brick oven... I want one! So happy you went, so we could all have a look! Hope you go back another time as there is so much to see, the planting is wonderful - what a place! Hope you are enjoying being back at school.


    1. Ivan, I know you would have loved this! School is fine, thanks! Looking forward to following you in the garden and kitchen as spring progresses!

  16. Oh what a lovely event and what a wonderful blog you have so happy I found you.


    1. Thanks Luci! I am equally as glad that you have found me! It truly was lovely! Come back again....and feel free to follow!

  17. Hello sweet Maggie!

    AWESOME! You want to join in on the party? FABULEUX! I will snatch the link to your blog and start my list. It is fun. You meet new people, they meet you, it if FRENCH and fun.

    Merci for coming by! Anita


    1. I will have to start picking my brain Anita! This is far from my comfort I follow many French blogs, but I am not up on many "French" will take this as a challenge and a learning experience! How exciting. Please see if I did the link ok in my sidebar and advise if I need to fix!

  18. Wow! Everything looks so beautiful and the food.....soooooo delicious!!! How fun that you were able to attend such a wonderful event :o)


    1. Yes, I was very lucky! Everyone should have that chance!

  19. Wow! This looks like it was a truly wonderful event. It's first thing in the morning for me and all the pictures of the yummy food has me practically drooling at my keyboard.


    1. You may need to go out for lunch....or perhaps dinner!

  20. Hi ND! I'm not quite sure what is going on with your comment box. It's acting weird. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have given you an award on my blog. Louise


    1. FB Thanks! I will need to devote some time to this, but I am honored my friend! Be patient with me! The box has been weird for a while...I have to click below the place I want to be...not sure how to fix that!

  21. What a wonderful day you had! So pretty, and the food looks so delicious. This is my first visit to your blog, it's so lovely!~


    1. I am so glad you visited! Come back again soon :)

  22. Your pictures are amazing! And the event looks awesome


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