Prince Snow Farm



It has been a busy week.

We set our goals high,
and as I walked around this foggy morning,
I see progress!

The house still looks
tired from a long winter...can't wait to 
see it surrounded
by blossoms 
and greenery!

Nature has decided to give
us a little gift, 
buds on the Maple trees!

This Maple has a hole
at the bottom.
I think we probably need to fill it.
But on this foggy
 as I wander my
 yard with Boston (50 miles away) on my mind,
I dream of little mice in tiny coats  
using this
 hole as the 
 to their

We have made so many
piles like this.
So many branches down.

The lavender is showing signs of life.

Some branches have been cut.
We are trying to do a little everywhere.
This is the first year
I can say that this property 
is a lot of work for the two of us.
The storms have really made this difficult.
We will get there.
It just may take longer
I had hoped.

The grass is slowly greening up.

Cleaning in front of the stone
wall was a half day project.
The Asiatic lilies
are happy to be out from under their winter blanket
of leaves.
They always put on a lovely show.

We raked leaves in and around the garden 
for a day and a half.
Then we had a rich, organic soil
to top off the beds.
I'm leaving the shoveling to my son and
husband...when we filled the beds two years ago, I 
threw my back out....and don't want a summer like that again.

We did have sunny days.
Lots of them.
The weather was perfect for yard work.

Perfect for digging and raking,

 ...and dreaming....

...and perhaps a soccer ball or 2 in mom's perennials.

This old soapstone sink sits as part of our 
sunporch entrance.
I think I may straighten it a bit...
but I just can't seem to part with it.

The lilacs are of my favorites...

I trimmed the ivy on the wall...
yes, it's pretty, but it's
so strong, it damages the wall if we don't control it a bit.

This one makes me very sad.
My window box fell during a heavy snow.
Buy one...or build one....

It's all will get done...and 
before you know it, I will
be sharing photos of
lush gardens.

For now,
think happy thoughts, say a little prayer
for Boston.


  1. Great post! How nice to see so many things growing and so soon after all that snow. It has been quite a winter for you there and you have accomplished quite a bit in your clean up. I look forward to seeing the progress of your sweet even looks great with nothing in it !!

    Have a happy weekend. xo

    * I have been praying for Boston and our is all so sad.


    1. I will most definitely keep all posted as we make more progress!

      Happy weekend to you as well.

  2. Wow! It looks like you have accomplished so much! Praying for Boston, too.


  3. Your yard is huge. My yard is too large for me too, these days. That tree makes me nervous. I hope it is not near your home. After Hurricane Sandy, I look at all tress differently. I am listening to the news as I type. My husband is from Boston and I am praying for them.


    1. I don't think of our yard as being big until we start cleaning! The tree is far from our house, so no worries! I am still watching Boston. Too sad. Where is your husband from?

  4. I loved this post ND.
    I like the fact that a garden is a garden whether it is lush and green or in recovery mode after winter afflictions.
    For us here in Europe Boston is a world away and yet there I was sitting and watching the memorial service in the great cathedral there, hosted by Cardinal O'Malley, as it happened, on TV!
    I hope they catch that other bomber soon.
    I have been praying for all those afflicted and affected by the bombings.
    Bye for now,


    1. Hi Kirk. I sent a package off to you yesterday morning. Just to let you know, the item I placed in it
      was already packed when the horror in Boston occurred, but will now have a bit more meaning.

      I think the world is praying.

      Thanks for your kind reflection.

  5. You have the most gorgeous house & stunning garden - thanks for the tour.♥


    1. My pleasure! Thanks to you for the compliments! Hope you are enjoying Autumn!

  6. I wish I had the lavender and lilac plants!

  7. Your house is gorgeous!! I think we need to plant some lavender.. we have 4 colors of lilacs, they just aren't quite open yet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


    1. Yes, plant's easy and prolific!

  8. Love the rock wall and the grounds are lovely. Praying for Boston.


    1. Thanks Monica. The stone wall probably needs some TLC....but it has been there since the early 1800' it definitely has character!

  9. Good morning sweet New England friend!

    I am thrilled to see the developments in Boston, my "home town" finally come to some kind of closure, but more needs to be unfolded so that we can get many of our own personal questions answered. But I love how you WONDER about the little mice in their coats going into that hole in the tree! Oh how I wish we all would have a mind and heart that looks only for love and beauty. Your house is such a reminder to me of my days in Mass. LOVE IT! Thank you for visiting me. Anita


    1. Thanks Anita for your kind thoughts and deep-hearted reflections.

  10. I just returned home from CT. The early flowering trees were in full bloom. Seems like New England might finally have spring. It is just beautiful in DC. Last week I gave all my lavender plants a good, hard pruning. And this week I noticed many already have new growth. Ahhhh, spring at last!
    Take care,


    1. You were so close didn't want to pop by for some yard work? Yes, I have some baby lavender to prune...I am just always afraid to cut back too far! Looking forward to many photos of your lovely gardens!

  11. I imagine a little fairy garden, a bunch of Keebler Elves or Gnomes running in and out of that opening in your tree! I love the stonewall, I'd love to see a photo of your lilies in bloom, I'll bet it's stunning!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!



    1. I will try to remember to photograph the lilies in bloom...they are a bit fickle...only blooming a week or so, but very colorful!

  12. Maggie: I've been trying to post a comment and it seems there is something funny with this box:; anyone else notice?
    I love your stone wall! Tell me: do you have deer? All those daylilies would be so tempting to them! I spray madly and it does seem to work beautifully (esp. as my neighbors do not spray!)
    I read that Loi had pruned back his lavender: yes, I did that too in one garden and already there is SO much new green... loving it!


    1. You know, I have had that problem when replying, so I have figured out that id I position my mouse a little below the button and click, it works!

      Yes we have deer! We have sprayed some years and others just didn't get around to it. Funny thing is, some years they just ignore them! We use a natural spray.

      Loi did a garden post today! Did you see?? Ours is just showing a peek of life...can't wait!

  13. Me again...just realized I did not have you listed on my sidebar, so just added your blog!

  14. It is looking all ready for the season, you have been busy! We are in the same mode, so much to do always!! I love those tree holes (at the bottom), I keep meaning to make doors for ours for fun! Boston is still in our prayers for the poor peoples' lives who have changed so much...


    1. Yes Ivan, we have been busy! Doors would be adorable...I will get husband on that immediately, and tell him "Ivan says...."

      Thanks for thinking of Boston :)

  15. If it looks this enchanting in the winter, I can't wait to see what it looks like all lush and green in the summer! I am a very reluctant gardener so I love living vicariously through talented green-fingered bloggers! x


    1. I will be posting like crazy as spring transforms this are so sweet!

  16. I just love your house! And, I wish I loved gardening like you do!


    1. Thanks E, I have gardened my whole's in my blood!

  17. Such a lovely and thoughtful post!


Thanks for chatting!

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