Prince Snow Farm



 It has been a busy week.
We did manage to squeak in a glorious walk.
C and I walked, 
while N ran, trying to
himself for spring track season.

This is our turnaround point, where the
marsh opens up to the ocean.
Isn't it glorious?
It motivates me to have a destination.
(3 mile walk Becky!)
I love being able to carry my phone
in my pocket and
pull it out to capture impromptu
moments like this.
You just can't run home and
 grab the camera and try again.

Our daffodils are blooming!
Always a welcome sight.

The grass is slowly coming
back from its winter
of clover and dandelions soon 
I am sure!

We spent Thursday night
at the National Junior Honor Society
Induction. N has worked
very hard and deserved this honor.
It was heart-warming, and a tear jerker.

We are on vacation this week!
We have a list a mile long to chunk away at:

*Cut fallen trees
*Gather fallen branches
*Rake leaves from front of stonewall
*Rake leaves from in and around all gardens
*Clean up and trim perennials as needed
*Clean up swing area
*Tend seedlings in house

Of course, there will also be some
playing, eating, and laughing, 
along with some laundry, vacuuming and
lots of blogging!

Don't forget, you can follow me on Instagram for 
a more detailed look at my exciting what I had for breakfast,
or how early I went to bed. ;)


  1. Good morning beautiful daffodil! Your world is coming along, spring up from the sleep of winter. Mine is still sleeping but we shall RISE! Loving your world this morning. Anita


    1. Hello Anita! it is slowly coming along. Not such a great week for weather, but work to be done!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I always love getting glimpses of your beautiful Massachusetts. Congratulations to your son! I still have my National Honor Society certificate, pin and the cord we wore around our neck at graduation, tucked away in my old trunk full of keepsakes.


    1. Thanks Liz! We never had honor society in junior high....It has been a great motivator. I love tucked away memories!

  3. Isn't April vacation wonderful!!! Your list is a lot like mine! LOL! We started raking out the beds a few nights ago! We just had delicious homemade pancakes or breakfast. I'll be blogging about those this weekend! Washer, dryer, dishwasher all in action . . . Now if I could only make the vacuum run itself!

    Nice walk too! Your photos with your iPhone are great! I've been tucking the iPad in my purse! Congrats to you son too! We've just started JNHS at my school, it's a great activity for the kids too!

    Enjoy you week of "R & R" - sounds like fun!


    1. Yes, I love April vacation! I worked in the house yesterday. I just couldn't warm up! I hope you enjoy yours as well...we will have to compare our "finished" list at the end of the week!

  4. Dear ND,
    Daffodils - my favourite flowers. Your's look lovely. You have grape hyacinths and so do we - our sole floral representative on the balcony at present -although that will soon change under AGA's care. In fact, perhaps I can lend AGA to you. He loves working in the garden!
    Bye for now


    1. Hi Kirk! Thanks! I do love those sweet little grape hyacinth :) Feel free to send AGA on his way. We need extra hands. And yes Kirk, we will have you working in the garden as well!

  5. Your vacation is quite late compared to mine. I assume that you go a little longer than us. We are done on June 6 this year - earlier than usual.

    You have an impressive list and I wish you luck with it. You have so much more yard than we have to keep up with.

    Have lots of rest and relaxation too. I have got to check Instagram more frequently because I was wondering what you had for breakfast!


    1. We have a week in February, and a week in April. We went back right after Labor Day, had a couple of Hurricane Days, and 5 snow days, so we aren't out until June 27th!!!!!! Last year, June 13th. I don't know how I will make it.

      We are slowly starting our list...the weather is chilly though!

      I plan on resting a bit, but I have weight to lose, and sitting will not help. I think I will turn in early each night.

      Yes, please pop in on's so much fun!

  6. Hi there, those pics are just lovely. thanks for the reprieve.


    1. My pleasure glad you popped by!

  7. Lovely photos, what a wonderful walk! Well done to your son. Enjoy your week, a 'to-do' list is always good, hope you get it all done!

  8. Beautiful photos, ND! I would love your walking area. And congrats to your son for his accomplishment! It doesn't sound like you are having a "vacation," but I know how good it feels to get tasks taken care of! Enjoy!


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