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Thanks to Anita from
Castles, Crowns and Cottages
for encouraging a bit of "I am from"...poetry.

I thought I should squeak it in before National Poetry Month ends!

I used the one here as a format.

I am From

I am from dish cloths
and Lux liquid
and Fab.

I am from the house once white, then
"Woodland Green" white again.

I am from hide n' seek til the stars
lit the way back to the stairs...
from enough brothers and sisters to have
our own baseball team...
from the smell of fresh mown hay drifting
by us on our hand-me-down bicycles.

I am from triple white lilacs
and long rows of beans to be picked.

I'm from Lawrence Welk on Sunday nights,
and honesty and JPO and DMV.

I'm from the sisters (and mom) with amazing intuition,
from timeliness and quiet contemplation.

From sweet dreams
from stand up straight.

I'm from treat others with kindness
and get a good night's rest.

I'm from England and Ireland
from the Azores...

From ring dings
and dinner
every night at 5

I am from Elm St.
(With only an occasional nightmare)

ok, and I am from socks that don't match....

...and VERY short dresses....

..and from crazy hair that I wish I still had....

Try writing your's a great lesson in reflection.

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It has been a busy week.

We set our goals high,
and as I walked around this foggy morning,
I see progress!

The house still looks
tired from a long winter...can't wait to 
see it surrounded
by blossoms 
and greenery!

Nature has decided to give
us a little gift, 
buds on the Maple trees!

This Maple has a hole
at the bottom.
I think we probably need to fill it.
But on this foggy
 as I wander my
 yard with Boston (50 miles away) on my mind,
I dream of little mice in tiny coats  
using this
 hole as the 
 to their

We have made so many
piles like this.
So many branches down.

The lavender is showing signs of life.

Some branches have been cut.
We are trying to do a little everywhere.
This is the first year
I can say that this property 
is a lot of work for the two of us.
The storms have really made this difficult.
We will get there.
It just may take longer
I had hoped.

The grass is slowly greening up.

Cleaning in front of the stone
wall was a half day project.
The Asiatic lilies
are happy to be out from under their winter blanket
of leaves.
They always put on a lovely show.

We raked leaves in and around the garden 
for a day and a half.
Then we had a rich, organic soil
to top off the beds.
I'm leaving the shoveling to my son and
husband...when we filled the beds two years ago, I 
threw my back out....and don't want a summer like that again.

We did have sunny days.
Lots of them.
The weather was perfect for yard work.

Perfect for digging and raking,

 ...and dreaming....

...and perhaps a soccer ball or 2 in mom's perennials.

This old soapstone sink sits as part of our 
sunporch entrance.
I think I may straighten it a bit...
but I just can't seem to part with it.

The lilacs are of my favorites...

I trimmed the ivy on the wall...
yes, it's pretty, but it's
so strong, it damages the wall if we don't control it a bit.

This one makes me very sad.
My window box fell during a heavy snow.
Buy one...or build one....

It's all will get done...and 
before you know it, I will
be sharing photos of
lush gardens.

For now,
think happy thoughts, say a little prayer
for Boston.



We are always
looking to make a good
gluten-free baked good.
In our area of the country,
you just can't
get good gluten-free baked goods.
(no cross-contamination
due to Celiac)

I found a recipe for
gluten-free apple "cupcakes"
on the Cup4Cup site.
(I did add a little cinnamon)
recipe here.
(But we made a different frosting)
Note:  You can also use regular flour

The original recipe
calls for a 
whipped goat cheese frosting with
bacon sprinkles, which sounds heavenly to me...
but not so much to a 9 and 14 year old.
(and the 9 year old is the one who must
eat gluten-free)

I thought a caramel, drippy icing
would fit these nicely.
Which I must report it did.
My 14 year old ate 3 at a time.
He's the pickiest.

I would absolutely make these again.
The recipe filled a 12 slot cupcake pan (regular size), 
and then I poured the remaining
batter into a small glass pyrex
and made a small cake!

My Caramel Icing:
(sorry it's not more exact)

Melt one stick butter over low heat.

Add 1 cup packed brown sugar.

Stir constantly for about 2 minutes.

Stir in about 1/4 cup evaporated milk (can)

Continue stirring and bring to a boil.

At this point, I let it cool slightly, 
and then I start adding sifted (a must)
confectioner's sugar.

If you want a runny icing, use less sugar.
If you want to be able to spread, 
add more sugar.
(I used about a cup)

I whisk like crazy,
but you can
also use a hand mixer.

It hardens fast,
so use right away.

Hint: Sift the sugar ahead of time,
as you will be stirring.


Where to purchase:  I buy mine at Gilt. It is a bit pricey, (sorry Cup4Cup), so
I wait for free shipping events, or discount codes, and then buy several bags.
It's a great mix, and so versatile. You will definitely want this in your gluten-free pantry.

I believe Williams-Sonoma may have it as well.



No, this isn't a post
about turkey salami, turkey
slim jims, turkey burgers, or
the amazing dinner
I am cooking today...
It's about the real thing.
The ones that were high
tailing it (literally) around
our yard early this Sunday

It's about boys showing off
the way boys do.
Feathers up and proud, waddle glowing
in the morning
It's about a 9 year old sweet girl
watching nature
(she is my nature girl),
and horrified that the Really tall boy
was standing on the girl
and killing it.
(she's ok)
It's about the stream of babies
we will see parading
out of the woods soon.
It's about me thinking I am Sooo
glad this wasn't
the video I chose to show my
6th grade class.
They are still snickering
over the mating squirrels scene
that lasted way too long!

Happy Sunday!



 It has been a busy week.
We did manage to squeak in a glorious walk.
C and I walked, 
while N ran, trying to
himself for spring track season.

This is our turnaround point, where the
marsh opens up to the ocean.
Isn't it glorious?
It motivates me to have a destination.
(3 mile walk Becky!)
I love being able to carry my phone
in my pocket and
pull it out to capture impromptu
moments like this.
You just can't run home and
 grab the camera and try again.

Our daffodils are blooming!
Always a welcome sight.

The grass is slowly coming
back from its winter
of clover and dandelions soon 
I am sure!

We spent Thursday night
at the National Junior Honor Society
Induction. N has worked
very hard and deserved this honor.
It was heart-warming, and a tear jerker.

We are on vacation this week!
We have a list a mile long to chunk away at:

*Cut fallen trees
*Gather fallen branches
*Rake leaves from front of stonewall
*Rake leaves from in and around all gardens
*Clean up and trim perennials as needed
*Clean up swing area
*Tend seedlings in house

Of course, there will also be some
playing, eating, and laughing, 
along with some laundry, vacuuming and
lots of blogging!

Don't forget, you can follow me on Instagram for 
a more detailed look at my exciting what I had for breakfast,
or how early I went to bed. ;)



A plan is a good thing...
Well, as I walked around 
the yard on this thirty something degree
morning with lots of wind, 
I'd better
have a good plan.

We have one more week of school before all 4 of us are
 home for April vacation.
This is going to be a week of cleaning.
I have tried to get ahead on the inside, because a hurricane
and MANY snow storms have done this property in!
Fences to paint...

(hoping for the 50's they are promising for the next
2 weeks...would
love to see some buds on this grand old Maple)

Raking to do...and
hopefully some

More raking....
sweet little babies...

Lots of branches and tree limbs to gather..
husband will be
a chainsaw...

Perennial cleanup....with a smile
I am sure....

I will be wielding
my favorite Muck boots
(with a fuzzy liner, I might add)

We added strings of solar lights, colorful here,
white there....all around the yard and
we have decided to 
keep them all up
year round...
they are gorgeous at night!

The raised beds need a little cleaning,
and the soil needs to be turned...I would do anything to
prepare for pumpkins and tomatoes....zinnias....beans....squash....

The tree line will fill in
soon...dormancy giving in to
the new life...

I must trim the tops of the Montauk Daisies...

...and whisper sweet words of
encouragement to the Bleeding Heart....

Yep...those windows need washing...
but maybe I will sneak out here 
with a book one afternoon....

This is my favorite kind of cleaning...
it is better than a shiny countertop or a vacuumed floor...better than
fresh sheets on your bed...

It's all part of the plan.

Kids plan: play outside morning, noon, and night :)

Happy weekend.

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