Prince Snow Farm



 Rumor had it that
spring was on its way.
So I watched.
And waited.

"Try this", said Mother Nature
Nope...not exactly
what I was looking for.
(sorry for the grainy 5 a.m. shot)

"Ok", said Mother Nature
"How about if I add a little sunshine?"

"MUCH better!", I exclaimed with
a smile!

The warm
sun lingered like a favorite cap on
my head and
cast beautiful
shadows from tree
to snow.

The garden lay blanketed.
Garlic was calling on
the hollow wind..."Uncover us this week...
we are already sprouted
beneath this
warm bed of leaf mulch."

Daffodils took a brief reprise...
Ready to burst forth
from their stage
with a grand

The Hydrandgeas
were still resting their
weary boughs,
building their
energy for a 
magnificent summer
explosion of color....

Irises waited
enjoying the sparrows and titmouse
rambling upon them
with a seed or two...and a chirp hello...

This Momma couldn't help but allow the season to
muster strength by carving its name in snow
as a gentle reminder...
(my daughter later exclaimed "I saw it from my bedroom window Mommy!"

Stormy continued her
feast on the Easter Bunny....

I played a bit for Instagram....
(Target flameless candles and wide mouth canning jars)

My theme for 2013 continues to inspire me....

Enjoy the weekend my friends...
Know that if spring isn't quite making her debut
yet in your neck of the woods,
she may be busy planning
her grand entrance!


  1. In Bradford we are still waiting. It looks like you are a little further on than we are. Come on Spring!

    1. If we could just get up in the 40's we might be getting somewhere!

  2. Well now I see why I have no patience! It's 80 degrees here!

  3. Oh my! But take heart, it will arrive! I posted lots of budding things in my farmyard on my blog - visit and get your Spring fix. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa....I am trying to catch up....doctors,dentist, honor society....non-stop!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Monica! We are expecting snow showers in DC!! I'm worried about my bulbs and early perennials. Tired of waiting here :( And running out of patience! Oh, have a nice weekend :)

    1. Thanks Loi. I hope your perennials are ok! Hopefully the next week will bring a burst of spring!

  5. My patience is running thin with this cold rainy weather. But then I know once I get out there, I won't be able to stop when I really need to rest. I'm ready for spring weather!

    1. Yes....patience is hard when we are always waiting......

  6. Good morning my dear!

    You too? You too have spoken to Mother Nature and have asked, "SO what gives?"

    WE are still covered by a lovely blanket of snow, but underneath I KNOW are the soft blades of the daffodils's stems, and the purple pearls of grape hyacinth that are waiting to unfold. Patience, indeed. Anita


    1. Yes, MN and I have been chatting! Your words are like a garden bursting forth from a winter's slumber.....

  7. Your beautiful photos make it hard to be angry that winter isn't turning loose. I think I will take on your attitude that we are waiting for something very special and we should be patient. xo

  8. Beautiful shots. It is so neat to bounce around to different blogs up north and see the snow- it is in the 80's here. Spring is here, just taking a while to get there to you..... =0)

  9. Sorry spring is late!!
    We have 'just' missed the snow and have been turning the veg plot but I hope it is the last lot of snow for you.
    Seed packets are all over the dinning room table!
    Beautiful picture even if you were wanting something 'greener' and Stormy looks adorable!!
    Have a good week!
    all the best - Ivan


    1. Turning the plot! humph! We are a good months away. I will live through you!

  10. What a lovely and inspiring post - and the photos are gorgeous! The spring still hasn't fully arrived here in London and even though the daffodils have sprung out, the cold wind and snow are still here.... I am so looking forward to a change of the weather!

    1. Thanks Alina. We all seem to be ready for change!

  11. We don't have any snow here, but I am with you - so ready for spring!!!


Thanks for chatting!

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