Prince Snow Farm



 Sometimes an unexpected
journey becomes one that
carries a lifetime
of memories.

After a lunch of yummy corn
chowder at my parents' house,
I took the kids for a 
little ride.

I thought we'd take a quick ride
through the village
and over the bridge.

But the kids were
enjoying the ride, and
so was I!

So we drove out to
the beach of my
where all 5 of us
spent hours
playing in the sand
and splashing
in the water.

The gates were open
even though the season hadn't started.

We drove down the long, 
scenic path, 
the sunshine,
sea air, and 
of it all.

This lovely spring day 
was bright and
Still chilly,
and windy,
but offering hope.

We ran down
the paths,
lined with still
dormant beach

..and found the most
spectacular views.
Sky and Ocean.
Wide open vistas.

Even some bare feet.

The clouds were like frosting
on a delicious cake.

The water
seemed bluer, clearer
than I remembered.

So next time you
are about to take the turn home.... a u-turn, take
a left instead of a right... the Unexpected.

Happy Easter!

(all photos taken with Iphone 4)

Location Info:  Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
If you look south over the ocean, you may see the Elizabeth Islands in the distance!



 I know I've posted
photos of the lighthouse before...

but I have a confession....

I dropped my son at Faith Formation and
took the loop by...

I couldn't resist the sky!

And the light was flashing!!

So here's the confession...I
have lived here for 15 years...

ONE mile from the lighthouse...

and I have NEVER seen the light on.

Til Now!

And I am Sooooo happy.

It made me feel like I was
visiting a special, sacred ground...

No one was there!
Just me and the light...



full of hope and promise...


And just because....a blue still life of sea trinkets....

....and an Easter display.

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Have a peaceful night :)

(All photos taken with my phone)



 Rumor had it that
spring was on its way.
So I watched.
And waited.

"Try this", said Mother Nature
Nope...not exactly
what I was looking for.
(sorry for the grainy 5 a.m. shot)

"Ok", said Mother Nature
"How about if I add a little sunshine?"

"MUCH better!", I exclaimed with
a smile!

The warm
sun lingered like a favorite cap on
my head and
cast beautiful
shadows from tree
to snow.

The garden lay blanketed.
Garlic was calling on
the hollow wind..."Uncover us this week...
we are already sprouted
beneath this
warm bed of leaf mulch."

Daffodils took a brief reprise...
Ready to burst forth
from their stage
with a grand

The Hydrandgeas
were still resting their
weary boughs,
building their
energy for a 
magnificent summer
explosion of color....

Irises waited
enjoying the sparrows and titmouse
rambling upon them
with a seed or two...and a chirp hello...

This Momma couldn't help but allow the season to
muster strength by carving its name in snow
as a gentle reminder...
(my daughter later exclaimed "I saw it from my bedroom window Mommy!"

Stormy continued her
feast on the Easter Bunny....

I played a bit for Instagram....
(Target flameless candles and wide mouth canning jars)

My theme for 2013 continues to inspire me....

Enjoy the weekend my friends...
Know that if spring isn't quite making her debut
yet in your neck of the woods,
she may be busy planning
her grand entrance!


In need of a critique or two......

Several years ago
I started writing a piece of 
young adult fiction.
In fact, it was 2009.

I gave my readers
a snippet to critique.
And then...I wrote a bit more and
abandoned the poor
little story.

I have many pieces
of abandoned writing.
Many stories, dreams, characters
left hanging...

...mainly due to this "author's" inability
to get her act together.

So my friends, please read (or perhaps reread if you have stuck with me for 4 years).
Critique away. I NEED motivation from those that read my writing , view my photographs, understand the inner workings of this brain!

I included a  photo of the lighthouse, 
as it is definitely
an inspiration.


She pulled the worn Frisbee back toward her shoulder, taking in a bigger than usual breath of air before releasing the disc fast and straight. The salty air filled her lungs, giving her an indescribable sense of peace. But the angle of the sun and the muted pinkish-purple hue of the sky made her realize that she was going to be late...again.

“Come on Sam, let’s go,” she said, her body suddenly tense from head to toe.

“I promised Dad I would be home before dark. It’s going to be close. Come on, let’s run.”

Sam looked up at Molly with understanding, dropping the punctured Frisbee at her feet. Molly grabbed it, unconsciously wiping the saliva across her cutoff jeans. Molly and Sam ran quickly past the lighthouse, over the wide expanse of green grass, across the gravel filled driveway, and down the clamshell path to the cottage. Daylight seemed to hang by a thread, knowing that a promise was at stake.

As Molly turned the knob to the front door, she heard the crunching sound of tires on the driveway. She closed the door behind her, knowing she had made it…this time. 

Molly quickly washed her hands and poured a bowl of cold water for Sam.

“Our secret,” she whispered in his ear, leaving a quick kiss on top of his head.

She opened the door just in time to see her dad stepping down from his red 1970 Chevy pickup. A smile crossed his face as he saw her approaching.

story copyright Monica at Prince Snow Farm



The ever so crafty and though-provoking folks over at FOLK Magazine have 
posed a journal challenge about time this week:

"Reflect on the Meaning of Time."
Hmmm, I thought. Time. Something I never seem to have enough of.

After a recent surgery, however, I suddenly found myself with time. Lots of time.
Time alone (ok, there was an adorable pug nearby).
For the first few weeks
it was just about resting and reading. I caught up on five summer's worth of reading. 
I went to bed early and listened to books on my Kindle.

As time progressed and I had certain physical restrictions, I had
Thinking Time.

Lots of thinking time.

I pondered my future, my career.
I love teaching.
But art has been calling.
Writing and photography. 

Homemade wedding favors. 
Vintage Etsy shop.

Art has been tugging at my heartstrings.

 I thought about our organic raised bed garden.

I flipped through the glossy Baker Creek catalog, 
carefully selecting seeds 
for our garden:

Pumpkins and tomatoes. Peas and beans.
Eggplant and onions........
I tried to leave the TV off everyday, instead,
raising the shades and letting the sunshine's 
encompassing rays keep me company.
I had
Blogging Time. 
I read my favorites every morning. I love reading blogs....keeping up
with people's lives, seeing what they
 have decorated, watching families grow, lending an ear...being inspired.
I had 
 Instagram Time (Nantucketdaffodil), and became a little obsessed.

I had
Baking Time, and boy did my kids like this!

I had
Crafting for the soul.
So if I could pick what
I would do all of the time...

I would grow this in endless fields
(although I am content with 30 plants):

I would style this:
and stage this:

I would  spend days making fresh food from our garden:

and I would visit the zinnias more often...

I would craft hydrangea wreaths in every hue...
...and I would get lost in the pumpkin patch.
I would restock our little farmstand with organic treats....

I would walk through the 
sun-dappled woods....
exploring the textures, the sounds....the silence.
I would welcome the seasonal changes...
...reveling in the heat or the color, the lost daylight....or the March wind....

...and most of all, I would spend every free moment with these two cuties.

I am so lucky that time
is on my side.

(all photos copyright Monica at Prince Snow Farm)

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