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A Bit of Mid-Winter Gardening

A gardener 
can only go so long
without gardening.

So when a sweet friend
gave me this ivy in a basketful of goodies...I immediately knew
where I wanted it.

I layered several rocks (for drainage) in a large canning jar.

I added a bit of soil, and then took the
ivy out of its plastic pot, and
 slipped it
into its new, shiny digs.
No pun intended.

(see the cone under the cloche?  husband and I jumped out of the car 
in Sequoia National Park back in was getting dark....we thought a bear would get us....the cone is huge...over a foot...a beautiful memory of a 30 day cross-country journey)

I love the ivy in its new location. 
The green contrasts nicely with the creams and blues.
I look forward to seeing it draping down
 the sides of the jar and across the mantel.
A perfect location out of direct sunlight
(and away from pets).

Time to Rest.

If you are watching football tonight (who isn't)....a great app here:

Diana at "Azoresgal" has some great recipes!
(Have you ever been to the Azores?)


  1. What a pretty idea for your ivy! I will have to try that….fingers crossed I can keep it alive!


    1. You can do it! Just let it dry out a bit between waterings!

  2. I am going to try this with an ivy!So cute and compact. I love it. Yes, we are watching foot-ball! Thank-you for the recipe too. Go Ravens!


    1. I think this could be cute with a variety of plants!

      Enjoy the football!

  3. Love the canning
    jar as an alternative
    to the plastic containers
    that plants come in!
    Will have to remember
    that : ) No football
    for us, tonight....We
    are all going to dinner
    and the movies!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    xo Suzanne


    1. Oh Suzanne that sounds like so much fun! Enjoy the night out!

  4. The Ivy looks really beautiful in a canning jar, great idea! I have never seen a cone so huge, what a lovely memory of your trip. Hope you are doing better this week?
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Ivan! It is a HUGE cone!

      I am much better. It is difficult, because you start to feel better, however are told to go very easy and not to lift for 6-8 weeks. this is the difficult part!


  5. I do like this ivy in the jar. So cute!

  6. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your well wishes. It's been a tough month. I'm walking with a cane and starting PT. Painful!!! I am really getting stronger with every day. I will do an update on my blog within the next couple of days. Thank you so much for checking on me. You're to nice! :-)

    I love your mantel. You are so creative. I love the pine cone in the cloche. Just beautiful and so New England looking! Love it!

    Hope you're enjoying this mild winter.

    Have a great week!



    1. Sorry it is so slow going Angela...especially in snowy, icy weather.

      Take it slow and do it right...that way you are ready to enjoy the summer!

  7. I adore ivy and wish more people would grow it as a houseplant. Love your ivy in the Ball's canning jar :) So charming! BTW, I have found some wonderful and unusual varieties of ivy at Home Depot. I think H.D. has great houseplants. Hope you all are enjoying this long holiday weekend ~ Cheers, Loi


    1. Yes Loi....this has motivated me to plant a bit more. (although dog lovers need to remember ivy is toxic).

      I need to take a ride to Home Depot! I love getting tips like this Loi!

      I have always had violets as house plants...some for close to 20 years!

  8. First of all, GO PATRIOTS!!! Second, I love, love, love your idea showcasing the ivy and the shiny mason jar. I just might do that with daffodils. They won't last like ivy will, but will bring a little brightness to these dull winter days.


    1. Poor Patriots!

      Thanks for the compliment! I am anxious for it to "grow a little" now!

  9. So much joy, from one little plant!! Love the simplicity of it!


    1. Simple is my theme these days Monica! Thanks!

  10. Hi Nantucket Daffodil, I came over to thank you for your kind comment on John's Island about the signs. They are fun, aren't they, and yes, I'm somewhat of a proofreader. One thing I really like about comments is that they sometimes lead me to a very interesting blog and that is the case this time. You sure do a nice job with your blog. I especially like the photos of zinnias. They are very similar to dahlias. I hope you caught my posts on the Puget Sound Dahlia Association garden ... photos I took last summer. I've added you to the list of blogs I'm following and will look forward to your posts. Thanks again, John


    1. Hi John!

      I am so glad you stopped by! Just so you know, I feel about zinnias how you feel about dahlias. I do grow a few dahlias here and there as well. I would love to pump up my production, so I will turn to you for advice! I am currently perusing the Baker reek catalog, planning our summer vegetable true passion!

  11. I grow lots of ivy:) I have ivy topiaries outside in urns and in various vessels inside. I've created floral arrangements in the canning jars.. but have not tried the ivy. Great idea and looks so pretty! Ivy is one of few plants that will stay alive in our cold winter temps!



    1. I will have to grow ivy outdoors as well....maybe down at my flower garden...

      We have ivy growing all over our stone wall....although at times I do trim it back, as it gets very stronga nd actually moves the old stones!

  12. Great idea with your ivy. I actually have some *outdoor* gardening to do, so your post title caught my eye.

    Thank you so much for putting the Etsy porcelain bird cookies in your sidebar. I went to the shop from which they came, and found another item that simply stunned me with its beauty: the illuminated manuscript cookies. I love that you shared this.


    1. Outdoor! Jealous!
      I love to put little things in my sidebar that are my favorites....because i just know my readers will agree!


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