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Gluten Free Salt Dough Ornaments and Man's Best Friend

We made our first attempt at salt dough ornaments while C was feeling better,
 and I think it was a success!

We started by using The Gluten Free Girl's recipe for Salt Dough here.

It worked well for us. We used Cup 4 Cup Flour Mix. We also followed the directions to add a little more water or flour to get the dough just right. It took a few adjustments, then was perfect!

We rolled it out on parchment, and cut it there as well.

We used a champagne glass to cut circles, and a straw to cut the hole.

I stamped the dough before cutting the circles.

Baked 2 hours at 200 degrees, then sat in the oven for an additional hour.

We mixed Mod Podge and glitter and painted it on. Once dry, we added some jute twine.

They are sweet....and so is Stormy!

She has been a bit spoiled having C and I around for 2 extra days.

She has been dragging her new lion around. 

We tell her to go get her baby and she brings it to us.

She is so darned pretty. 

My other daughter :)


  1. Hi, Monica ~
    Beautiful and lovingly made cookies! I hope we'll get to see them on your tree?? :)

    And what a special surprise for me today in the mail. That was very kind and thoughtful. I'm keeping the seeds of you know who on my desk. Thank YOU so much!

  2. I missed something, why does it need to be gluten free for ornaments? I hope C is back to normal real soon. Looks like I have another day, here. That dog is so cute. I just love my Buster. I want another dog.

    1. We can't even use gluten, C can't handle it or have it in the air. So yes, even crafts, playdough, shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, sunblock....all have to be gluten free as well.Hope things are better soon for you!

  3. My classroom made these ornaments this year and they turned out great. Your are so cute with the blue stars.

  4. Hello,
    The salt dough ornaments are beautiful and thank you for pointing out the things we don't think about... gluten free for Miss.C, means even the salt dough. Now your 'other' daughter, Stormy has melted my heart (me and pugs!) and I can not tell you how many soft toys my pugs have been through over the years. I would have 'pug toys' bought for me and as soon as they see them they will cry until they can chew them, like standing an hour in one place - stubborn boys!
    Miss.C again inspires us, keep smiling for us.

    All my best wishes, Ivan (and Aston - who has yet another new soft toy for Christmas!)

  5. This is such an adorable project, looks like so much fun!

  6. The ornaments looks great, especially with the stamping! And Stormy is adorable!!:)

  7. when I saw the title I thought maybe your dog ATE the ornaments! they look a little like biscuits, and my dog has a tendency to scarf down a lot of non-food items.. :(


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