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A Neighborhood Holiday Celebration

We had our annual neighborhood holiday gathering last night, and it was so much fun! (no kids allowed....they play together outside all the time...this one is
 all about us taking a 
couple of hours 
for us.)One family with grown children is kind enough to open their beautiful home to all of us.

We usually all bring an appetizer or two, and/or a dessert. As you can see the counter fills up fast! Look at all of those treats! Stuffed mushrooms, pears with cheese and prosciutto, mini caprese kabobs, shrimp, and much more!

We brought:

My husband made these.
It calls for a few tablespoons. We enjoyed the rest.

We brought this pumpkin cheesecake, (using pumpkin from our garden). It was a Paula Deen Recipe. I then drizzled Nestle la lechera dulce de leche (found on the international aisle) across the top.
I use gluten free ginger snaps for the crust. It had a great pumpkin pie flavor.

We also made Shore is Good Seafood Dip, recipe also courtesy of Paula Deen.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo.
It was very flavorful. We made it earlier in the day and then heated for 
30 minutes right before heading out.

Our host and hostess made an amazing punch:

It was VERY good. 

All in all, an amazing night filled with laughter, friends, games,food and libation.
LOTS of laughter. 
It's good for the soul.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Hey Maggie!
    I want to live in your neighborhood!
    That gluten free pie sure looks good, well, it all looks good, to be honest. Have a beautiful Sunday. xx


    1. Hi Kay, it's funny, people always want to live here! We are a very small dead end road...but we have 14 children. It's a fun place! I am very lucky.

  2. Sounds and looks yummy! Especially your pumpkin cheesecake. Monica, what is a moonshine marshmallow? Does it have liquor?
    Happy Holidays!
    Warm greetings,


    1. Thanks Loi! Yes the marshmallows had liquor! Only a small amount. Look below the marshmallows. there is a jar for the moonshine. Click on the words and you will go to the site. We all enjoyed a shot or two....sure does warm you up! It makes a great's packaged in that cute jar, and I love the label. We are going to gift a few flavors this year. It's a nice change....we always gift wine...this becomes a conversation piece.

    2. I would rather have moonshine marshies than wine!! Everyone brings wine, which is great but a bit expected. :)

  3. And good for the stomach as well! Look at all that great looking food, Monica!! I bet it was so good to just relax and not have to think about anything but eating!! Thanks for dropping by today, good to see you.


    1. It was so much fun...and tasty! Thanks for popping by!

  4. How fun! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season.


    1. Lisa, we all need to do this once in a while!

  5. Hello,
    That looks like a real party, what a wonder sight - a beautiful table groaning from the weight of food and drink! Happy you had a good time - not only good for the soul but essential!!
    Cheesecake looks (and sounds) good! Have a good week!
    Best wishes


    1. Yes, we all ate too much....but enjoyed every minute!

  6. Merry Christmas!

    I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am still around. Going through it. I am quite alive! My family is all here for Christmas.



    1. bobby, just noticed you are not turning comments back on! Peace this Christmas season!

  7. Oh wow, that all looks incredible! I think I might make that seafood dip for Christmas, it looks heavenly!

  8. What a great idea to meet up with neighbors over the holidays and share joy! The spread looks wonderful!

    Merry Christmas!


Thanks for chatting!

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