Prince Snow Farm


❀ Planted Garlic Today...

We planted 200 cloves of hardneck garlic on this unseasonably warm nearly 70˚ day.

Cleaned the beds up. (Two of them).

Raked up some of the  freshly fallen Maple leaves 
(not sure how there were any left after the winds we had).

Covered the garlic with about 5 inches of leaves, and stapled a mesh
 fencing over this to hold the leaves in.

Don't faint, that is the 13 year old doing manual labor.

Saw this amazing spider decked out in his fall attire...a marbled orb spider....
This is the prettiest spider I have EVER seen. 
Took a walk to the cemetery behind our woods to pay our Veteran's
 day respects to our little farm's namesake.

Rest in peace Prince.


  1. Very cool spider!!!! Garlic, I have never planted it before.... might give that one a try. You are growing a lot!!! Do you use it all or sell it at a farmers market or what? That is neat how you put the leaves on top. Our garden is growing growing growing. Spinach, chard, parsley, cilantro, greens, Romaine lettuce and some little herbs. All I have used thus far is the parsley and cilantro. The chard is about ready. Can't wait!

  2. Love to see your gardening posts! That spider is incredible! What kind is it?


Thanks for chatting!

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