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A Little Lavender Giveaway for My 400th Post!

I can't believe I hit my 400th post!  In honor of this, I am doing a mini's small...but from the heart...and our garden!

I will make you a small stamped bag of lavender.

Pick a theme...Christmas....or Sepia Birds.....

I'll wrap it up and send it along!

I miss the smell of lavender sailing on a breeze ,,,,

I miss hanging out in flip flops!

I miss decorating with lavender!

So....3 old am I?....what is my job? many kids do I have?...

Leave me a message with the answers...first one to get all three wins!!

Good luck....and be kind!


  1. You're 47 years old. You are school teacher and you have two children.

  2. The gal in front of me is probably right. I'll go with all the abovebutmaybe you're 45? All I know is that when you comment you bless my socks off. Thank you for that. Happy 400:)

  3. WOW!! 400? Many congratulations!! I just finished my 40th post, hahaha :)
    Two and you are a teacher.....but the age part: hmmmmm, I don't know :( Maybe 44??

  4. Well I know that we are both 6 grade teachers with two kids living on the South Shore in MA...but your age. I am 40 and my girls are 3 and 5 and I know your kids are little older than that, so I will say 45! And the ladies craft club is meeting in Cohasset. It is a new place right across from Shaws on 3A called Just Imagine That Place. There are several rooms inside, one being used for yoga, one for an art room, etc. $25 pays for the use of the space and the materials. We are going to make coffee cozies, fingerless gloves from recycled sweaters. They can be used to cover vases too! :) Kerri

  5. You smarties! I am 47 (ick)...have 2 kiddos, and I am a sixth grade math and science teacher!!! Wow Angela, spot on! Becky, I like the 45! Coastal Cottage, 46 sounds good, Loi you win just for the 44! And Kerri, we have a lot in common! If you will all contact me via email, I would like to treat each of you to a little bag of lavender! Holiday or finch?


Thanks for chatting!

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